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Pervert's Pleasure

(You wake up to an excellent view of my chest) You know what? You're a real piece of work! I can't believe you were so greedy as to submit such a long request. I said I'd consider shooting a short scripted scenario for free and what did you do? You sent me a half page script IN SIZE 6 FONT! Just look at the fucking things you've written... breast expansion, mouth pov, and an endoscopic view of my ass? You really are too much!

(I pick you up, gaze into your eyes, bring you close to my mouth for a moment, pause just before my lips, and savor the control.) Honestly, I still haven't though of what to do with you. While I could fulfill every fantasy you've written to me, I can't (squints at screen) lick a tiny off the nipple of Chessie Kay?!

As disappointed as I am at you for your attempt to make your script look much shorter than it actually is, I'll give you this... I know how hard you worked jumping all over my keyboard to submit this request to me. I even had to google one of the things you wrote and after looking into it, I gotta say, thanks for the new kink I guess? Haha!

In good news, I was planning on finding a new staff writer. Someone who has as perverted of an imagination as I do. Looks like that position is something you have a serious chance at competing for. Maybe that can be your job, but if you disappoint me you'll be seeing the inside of my ass for sure. (I shove you in my ass for a moment)

For now, I'll keep you held in between my big boobs. (100% boob play starting at 6:15 until the end! Pov and prop views!) You can massage, lick, kiss, and all around worship my big boobs. Yes, you have such a wonderful life being my pet! Maybe while you're in there you can think of a truly half page script you can submit next for my consideration. After I'm done reading a few more scenarios I'll take you out and let you use my surface pro again.

Features a subtle giantess voice effect during the shrunken pov scenes.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
9:50 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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