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To Worship a Goddess like Brooke

Ohhh... to worship a Goddess like Brooke! Today she's in an incredibly sultry mood with her shrunken pet which is YOU! She allows you to gaze upon, worship, and sometimes lick/kiss, her sexy soles, fit body, belly button, nipples, booty and pussy in a pink thong, fully exposed pussy and breasts. She knows you want to be inside of her belly and that's exactly where she's going to send you, whole. She promises not to bite. After being driven wild with lust and desire you know she's going to be swallowing you soon. She brings you closer to her perfect pink lips, closer to your final destination. She smiles, opens her perfect mouth, and sends you down into the dark abyss never to be seen again!

Lots of hot dialogue, all pov, subtle giantess voice effect, and priced at a discount merely because some lights got into the shot. Brooke's acting and dialogue is hot, hot, hot! It mainly focuses on full body worship starting from being on the floor under her feet and going up her body, onto the couch, thong tease and full nude before getting swallowed. The vore ending is very short, cam descends into mouth and video ends. You will love enjoying the time she allows you to worship her perfect body!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
20:13 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
Brooke Thomsen, pov, giantess voice effect, worship, soles, belly, booty, thong, pussy, breasts, nipples, mouth, vore, nude, body, tease, belly piercing, belly ring, brunette, pink lips, boobs, tits, shaved, shaven

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