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Shrunken for Anal Sex

I heard from your friends that you like to kind of brag about me a little bit - saying how I'm the ideal girlfriend, the best you ever had, that you want to marry me. You know, everything I ever said to them is true. You're handsome, smart, and it's like you can do no wrong. That's one of the reasons I give you everything you desire. Except that one thing yet... but what can I say, you're so well hung that it's intimidating to try out anal with you! However, I care so much about your sexual fulfillment that I've been doing a lot of research on the subject. Do you still want to fuck me in the ass? (some body teasing here) Of course you do! Well, I've found a way that'll make it not scary at all for me, but I'll have to make a few adjustments. Want to try it out? Of course you do! (I wave my hand around your face and then there's a custom magical purple light sfx)

Awwh hunny, you're trembling! That's understandable considering I shrunk you. I looked up an old world folk spell and it worked! I didn't mean to scare you, the opposite in fact! Do you feel better when I kiss you? I bet my lips feel amazing when I pucker them up and plant them on you! (You get more kisses and licks) You are so cute! You know I always liked small things now you're a really small thing too! Now you're smaller than your finger was when you were normal size and I can't wait to feel you in my ass. Let's put you on the bed for a moment so you can finish getting used to your size before we jump into it.

I know you said my feet were cute before... do you still think they're cute even though you're so small and beneath them now? How do they smell? Do they smell powerful? I kind of really enjoy the thought of being a powerful witch. Imagine all of the things I could do! I'd be a good witch, of course, though! It looks like you're enjoying yourself down there underneath my toes, so I'll give you a toe show! (toe teasing continues and I put you in between my toes too)

Let's see what it'd be like if I brought my booty closer to you. OMG it's planet sized compared to you!! Let me bring you closer... I want you to have as much fun as possible just incase. Just incase, you ask? Sorry... I don't know how to return you back to normal size. You're going to be that size for as long as I can foresee. That's why I want you to take as much enjoyment out of this as you possibly can. Just rubbing you against my thong makes me want to feel you on my bare booty hole. Now you can fuck me in my sweet little ass as long as you'd like and it won't hurt me a bit! (from 13:20 - 18:40 you fuck my asshole, cum inside of me, and then you make me cum with your squirms)

Phew, that was a close one, you almost got stuck up there. So, I gotta ask, how much you liked it. Was it worth it? Getting shrunk to roll around in my hot little bum? Because the spell's only irreversible after you cum. I know I worded it a bit different early, but what can I say, I just wanted you to enjoy yourself to the fullest. So.... now that we've both fully cum and all, it has me regretting shrinking you. I mean, it's not like we can continue life like we were before, and now that you're small I'm looking at you like a measly little pest that I don't want to keep around. Knowing how much you like my ass, I don't see any better ending to this story than to have it end in my ass for you. One last kiss goodbye and this'll be how your life ends. *Kiss* (I put you in my ass and press my ass cheeks together several times.) What can I say? I've given you everything you ever wanted from me!

This video includes a magical purple light sfx during the shrinking scene and a subtle giantess voice effect in all shrunken pov scenes.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
23:53 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
gfe, pov, shrunken, ass, thong, anal, insertion, butt crush, magic sfx, voice fx, handheld, kiss, lips, close up, orgasm, asshole, booty clapping, bedroom, bed, on all fours, bent over, ass up, butt, booty, girlfriend


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  1. Aborigen's Avatar
    This is a fun one! A loyal boyfriend gets rewarded with his dearest wish�anal sex�but not the way he anticipated. Now he quivers in his girlfriend's grip as she mashes her soft, full lips into him, taunts him with her feet, anything she wants to do for as long as she wants it. It's intoxicating to stare up into Katelyn's face from prolonged POV shots, and let me note she's the best at improvised monologue, which is crucial in these longer scenes! This is a fantastic adventure all over the giantess's body, going from exploration to getting down to business as her huge ass overtakes the camera... Absolutely incredible.

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