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I Encourage You to Spend Some Time with Me, Admiring My Feet

Hello foot fetish lovers! Welcome to my home gym where my feet often smell of your favorite fragrance - foot sweat! I just finished a quick 10 minute cardio workout. Here, enjoy the look of my lightly sweaty soles! Now, I have a surprise for you. I've been working on it for a month and a half! Any guesses as to what it is? It's behind me, let me get it...

Here, I behold a very nicely scented pair of socks. What makes these socks special is that I recently bought them, washed them only once, and have worn them for nearly every home gym workout since. See all of the fuzzies that came to life from me working out in them? What surprises me is how they look dirty even though I've only worn them inside, with my Nike sneakers, and once without any sneakers for my workout today.

It makes me so happy when I think about my fans cumming to my feet, I encourage you to do so! Go ahead and admire my socks, my bare feet, my new blue pedicure, my toes, all of the curves of my feet, and these slides that I'm wearing. I'll take my slides off in a moment and slip my socks on, but notice how incredibly comfortable they look on me. They are that comfortable! See how they flex and move with my feet... there's even room for your nose, tongue, or better yet - a shrunken version of you! I would enjoy having you down at my feet worshiping them for the rest of the day!

Now to let you admire my feet in these nice, high quality, brand name socks. The fabric feels so good around my feet and they smell like a foot fetish lover's heaven! To think, you could be lucky to have my socks all to yourself... but if you can't get them (sorry, they are sold), you can at least enjoy admiring all of the nice views in this video. So come on, spend some time with me while I encourage you to admire my beautiful feet! ;)


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
20:59 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
katelyn brooks, worn socks, foot fetish, close up, soles, toes, blue pedicure, floor view

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