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4K 360 VR - Shrunken by a Cheerleader

The following custom script was followed through with freedom to improvise in order to make it one shot through for your VR enjoyment.

(2 - We see you from an extreme low angle from just a couple of feet away, as VR camera is floor level, as your suitor Billy got shrunk so small, about ½ of an inch tall. Then, you walk slowly toward ½ inch Billy / aka VR 360 camera, until you loom almost directly over him. Then, you stand akimbo over him in a Cheerleader type stance with your hands on your hips & legs slightly spread.) KATELYN (impressed & proud) Sweetie, I’ve successfully shrunk you down to ½ of an inch tall. But you’ll get used to your surroundings if you stay still on the floor. Now you’d better be careful around me! Ha ha ha ha! By the way, how do you like my gigantic Cheer boots down there? So, let me show off my new dance - (Cheerleader dance routine as you step back a little, so you do some sharp Cheer moves with your arms, & do kicks, etc. And, you recite the cheer with true enthusiasm!) “Ready? Okay! 4 – 3 – 2 – 1! Shrunken Billy is number one! 5 – 6 – 7 – 8! In my palm he’s really great!”

(3 – Then, you kneel down at ½ inch Billy / VR 360 camera, & bring your right palm down at ½ inch Billy / VR 360 camera until we see an extreme close-up of your palm, rings, etc. Then, you help ½ inch Billy / VR 360 camera into your right palm, & gently carry him up towards your chest level & stop, so now we can view your cleavage`& beautiful face looking down at him.)

KATELYN (fascinated & reassuring) Okay my sweet little shrunken Billy, I’m going to pick you up un my hand, & take very good care of you. Wow, even my rings are all bigger than you now! You’re as small as small can be! (you bring him closer to your chest & cleavage) Yeah, I saw you checking me out & I want you to enjoy your shrunken experience, so let me bring you a little closer. Everything’s so huge & gigantic to you now!

(4 - You place ½ inch Billy / VR 360 camera down on a table. Then, you stand back up, so we see a waist-level low angle of you. First you do a short Cheerleader routine, but just with some sharp arm & hand movements. Then afterwards, after talking for a moment, you loom your hands & face over ½ inch Billy / VR 360 camera.)

KATELYN (with enthusiasm & team spirit) “Ready? Okay! 4 – 3 – 2 – 1! Shrunken Billy is number one! 5 – 6 – 7 – 8! In my palm he’s really great!” (you bring your hands & face close to him to show off your manicure & rings for a brief moment) Don’t worry, sweetie. Your sense of hearing, seeing, touching & smelling have been enhanced, believe it or not!

(5 - You then pick ½ inch Billy / VR 360 camera up off the table in your right hand again, & carry him up until we see an extreme close-up of your gorgeous face from a low angle.)

KATELYN (reassuring, flattered & friendly) Talk about having my man in the palm of my hand! I have you under my thumb too! And I know that you’d requested me, your favorite Cheerleader test the shrink-ray on you. Now that’s what I call Team Spirit! (you bring your left hand into view & gently touch Billy) And, you’re so cute & delicate in my hand down there, so I just couldn’t resist touching you.

(6 – You set ½ inch Billy / VR 360 camera down carefully on the floor again. Then you stand over him in a Cheerleader akimbo stance.)

KATELYN (very bold, but friendly & then seductive) Am I the most incredible & powerful Cheerleader you’ve ever met?! Yes, I’m very proud of myself & you, little sweetie

(7 – You start to take your Cheerleader outfit off, boots, top, then your skirt, until you’re just wearing your white thong bikini, & all of y0ur rings & jewelry on of course! Then, you stand over ½ inch Billy / VR 360 camera rather seductively for moment. And then, you squat down at him, carefully pick him up in your hands, & slowly bring him close to your cleavage!)

KATELYN (friendly & seductive) Ta da! Now, what we’re doing is very beneficial for science. How are you doin’ down there, little sweetie. I know you enjoy seeing me at your tiny size! And, I know you’ll enjoy the scenic route! Hope it’s not too bumpy for you. And, you’ve always shown true team spirit at my Cheer practice & games, my great & tiny supporter!

(8 – You then carry ½ inch Billy / VR 360 camera up to your gorgeous face & luscious mouth very close-up.)

KATELYN (flirty & sultry) Oh, you’re so handsome & cute! And, I remember you liked the way my breath smelled when I kissed you. But, you’re very tiny now, so I’ll gently breathe on you. And, I’ll kiss you again, because I know you worship me! (you kiss ½ inch Billy / VR 360 camera softly several times) But, how can such a sweet, tiny man like you have such a big crush me? We must do more homework on this! (you kiss him again, but somewhat more passionately, & you French-kiss / tongue him a little too)

(9 - You carry ½ inch Billy / VR 360 camera over to the bed, & you lay down with your head on the pillow. You hold him near your crotch area, & very slowly you move him along your belly, until he’s betweeny our chin, so we see your beautiful resting face from an extreme low angle & close-up. And then, after a brief moment you bring him closer to your mouth. Note: Please take off you top here, or at least undo it, so we can see your breasts more!)

KATELYN (friendly & sexy) My sweet little Billy, because of your great admiration, I’ll reward you with another little adventure. And, how’s this view, sweetie? We should definitely do this again very soon, shrink you down to make you my tiny friend. (you kiss ½ inch Billy / VR 360 camera several times) Lets have more fun.

(10 - You place ½ inch Billy / VR 360 camera on your bed, & you somewhat straddle him so we see you from a low angle. Then, you loom your face over him, kiss him a couple of times, & moan with pleasure. And then, you loom your bare breasts over him, & slowly, but purposefully bring your breast down on him & rock back & forth, moaning with pleasure. And then, you bring your crotch down on him softly several times, & you continue to moan with more pleasure. And then, you bring your mouth down on him again, so we see your lips close-up. You kiss him more passionately, French-kiss / tongue, as you moan with more pleasure. Finally, you climax.)

~Includes all new Giantess voice fx!!~


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
24:10 minutes
3840x1920 mp4
katelyn brooks, voice fx, 360 vr, pov, cheerleader, dance, hands, palms, rings, cleavage, bikini, pom poms, boots, red manicure, kiss, pussy, floor view, moaning, masturbation, boobs, tits, jewelry, upskirt, booty, ass, thong, nipples, nipple, closeup, cl


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  1. William Shulte's Avatar
    William Sh...
    To Ms. Katelyn Brooks, Hello. Yes, this is one of your very best videos ever! Indeed, I've become very fond of your VR 360 vids, & this one totally makes it seem like I've been shrunk down small, & you're carrying me around in your hand! Love all of your close-ups, hand-held scenes, low angles of your body & gorgeous face, & the big voice sound FX :-) Fantastic work, & I'm very much looking forward to your next custom VR 360 vid ;-) Sincerely, Bill Thumb

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