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4K 360 VR - April's Call

You're the property of April Would, phone sex operator. You're a tiny servant, plaything, and occasionally, a sex toy. She regards you like an object, not even bothering to give you a name. You listen to every call, obey her every command. Your world is her bedroom, and her presence alone dominates your entire existence.

Today, she's put you to work polishing her heels while she takes calls. Her voice booms, her careless steps sends tremors through the floor. She paces around the room and nearly steps on you, but you know better than to interrupt her work. Normally, she doesn't involve you, besides as a change of pace from her vibrator. That is, until her next caller makes a new request.

The client wants April to use you to make herself cum, to hear her dominate and torture you. To make you suffer. April is more than willing to oblige. And you have no choice but to obey.

♥ 22 minutes of POV in 4k 360 VR!
♥ Written, narrated and starring April Would!
♥ Over 70 illustrations by SorenZer0!
♥ Experience the life of a phone sex operator's tiny servant!
♥ Serve at her feet, hands, mouth, and pussy!


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Product Details:
Producer: SorenZer0
22:06 minutes
72 HQ Photos
3840x2160 mp4
360 VR, illustration, sound fx, pov, sex worker, on call, house crush, masturbation, in mouth looking out, bare foot crush, ass, hair up, animation, on tongue, cleavage, bedroom, floor view, high heels, handheld, SorenZer0

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