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A Selfless Tribute: Birthday 2019

Hey there, shrunken one browsing my site, it's your Giantess' birthday! How I'd like for you to worship me today is 1) Add a video starring yours truly to your cart. 2) Add this to your cart as well and then check out!

This here truly is a "selfless tribute" to show your love and support of me on my birthday. If there's one perfect day to celebrate me, it's on my birthday of course! So, you know what to do...

Purchase to make my birthday extra special this year! Then have a really good fap to yours truly, knowing that I'll be having all kinds of lovey dovey size fetish thoughts on my birthday! (Yes lovey dovey includes thoughts of eating you, crushing you, sitting on you, making love to you in your shrunken form, and keeping you as my pet if you survive all of that!)

(Psst... tiny one... if you've discovered this listing days after it's posted, it'll still mean so much to me that you still wanted to make your mark to impress me!)


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
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