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Daddy Please Help Me Cum

Dad, I could really use your help with something. I know you told me to stop walking around the house without pants on, but right now I don't have pants on because frankly I was just trying to make myself cum with no success. I looked up some porn videos and I'm doing what other girls are doing and it's just not working. I could really use someone to teach me... can you tell me if I'm doing it right? (Katelyn sits on the coffee table in front of you and masturbates)

You see I'm making little circles around my clit. It feels good... my pussy is wet, extra warm, it's swelling up, it's kinda pulsating here and there. (You can hear how wet she is and it's making you hard) Wait no, don't leave... ohhh... ohhh!! I'm old enough to spot that... you're getting hard!

Will you just put your hand between my legs? Come on! I'm going to grab your hand! ~Ohhh, ohhh, you're barely touching me and it feels so much better, wow!~ It's pulsating a lot more frequently now. Will you slip a finger inside? (Katelyn starts massaging her breasts and you can't resist) Wow that's just one finger and it's not even the whole way in? It feels so tight that I thought it was two!

This doesn't have to be all about me. Why don't you unbutton and unzipper your pants and pull yourself out between the slit of your boxers. Come on, you feel how wet my pussy is, I want to cum so bad... I want to know what it feels like for the first time! (Katelyn pulls her panties off, fingers her pussy on the coffee table in front of you, everything she says drives you wild with lust, you give her what she wants -your big dick deep inside of her- and you cum inside of her after making her cum)

This video is off the walls HOT for the taboo dad daughter sex fantasy and I loved roleplaying this... will you roleplay being my daddy? <3


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
11:05 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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