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The Best Day of Their Lives

Last night I hunted down weak men at the club, lured them with my tits and ass cleavage (and oh so easily), now it's the next morning after they spent the night in their new bodily forms - pill bugs. I teasingly ask if they enjoyed spending the night at my place as I sway my sexy ass against the railing on the way down the stairs. Peering down into their little container prison sitting atop my glass table, I start to explain why I transformed them into bugs. Weak men disgust me so much that I never want to cross paths with them again, so I transform them into bugs and dispose of them however I desire. For this bunch, the most they could ever possibly be to me is some protein before my workout.

It highly amuses me to taunt them with my sexy tits and ass which they wanted ohhhh so badly when they were human and that makes getting eaten alive hot as fuck. I never intended to have sex with any of them, most are probably virgins and never even got to feel how great sex is. Showing sarcastic pity in my own sexually twisted ways, I tell one he's making me "wet" and I want him to "enter my body". I convince him to crawl inside my mouth to see what sex feels like. There's no denying how good it feels to have my nice warm wet lips, tongue, and throat tightly wrapped around your entire body... pulsating with pleasure... pulling you deeper and deeper inside.

He showed some bravery, but after spitting him back out for going too deep and nearly getting swallowed before I was done playing with him, now he wants stay curled up. It doesn't matter to me if he's curled up or not when I swallow him. In fact it may just help him last longer inside of me, until he reaches my potent morning stomach acids and decides to unravel himself and grab onto my stomach walls to make a desperate attempt at escaping. That'll be futile for him, but fun for me to feel while I work out!

As for two of the other bugs, I'm leaving the details a surprise because I'll promise you my dialogue is hot as fuck for my fellow vore fetishists (not to mention the hot views)! <3 The last bug though, I do something very special with. The last bug boy gets to fucking make out with me! I show him what it would be like to get a tease from me if he were a real man. He gets a full nude view of my pussy and ass and he gets to grab onto my nipple for a few hot seconds before getting tossed back onto the table, kissed, and slurped up and into my mouth not to ever be fucking seen again!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
40:58 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
bug vore, pov, glass table, cleavage, tits, booty shorts, thong, ass, close up, mouth

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