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I was not expecting to get a surprise at my PO Box... wonder what it is... Katelyn opens a mysterious box and shrieks in excitement! Oh my god, you're so incredibly tiny, how did you do it?! You're a scientist and you're stuck at that size?! No wonder you sent yourself to me! In perfect timing too, because boy oh boy, all of my other shrunken men can tell you that ever since I saw the new Aladdin movie I've been in quite the mood to grant wishes. So what is your wish, tiny one?

Is it to explore the valley of my mountainous cleavage? Katelyn brings you close to her tits as she teases and gently squeezes her pretty nipples. So much must be going through your mind about all of the sexy things you've fantasized about and how I'm oh so the perfect Giantess to live out those fantasies with. Or is it to get swallowed and sent down into my wanting stomach, as long as you last in there, getting sloshed around in my stomach juices in that nice warm heaven? Katelyn brings you close to her sexy mouth and fit stomach. Or shall we go farther down... to my perfectly pedicured soles. Katelyn gently places you on the tile floor in front of her pedicured toes.

Even though you're so small I can see your face going red from my perspective. So this must be it. You want to be down at my feet for the rest of your life. Little foot fetish lover! Well, I have something very special for you then. Seeing as how I just got this perfect new pedicure, I was thinking about gathering up all of my most well worn shoes, sandals, sneakers, heels, and then listing it on my site for other foot fetish lovers to purchase. So how about you help me gather them up and give them a good smell? You can tell me how worn they are. How fragrant they are. You can be my little tester!

Katelyn can feel your little heartbeat in between her fingers just pounding and pounding in anticipation and desire. You know exactly where we're heading and it's exactly everything you ever dreamed of, sending yourself to me. There are so many eyes you can feast your senses upon... so let's go! Katelyn brings you over her shoe cabinets at 7:30 and you spend the rest of the time inspecting tons of pairs of her most worn shoes! (video is your pov until end after this point)


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
30:32 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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