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Your Shrunken Woman's Revenge

And then, there was darkness... that is the next chapter there is of this wicked story you created of my life. You are now nothing more than the size of a two inch shrunken man. Should I mention that you are completely helpless and I have shrunk you for revenge. Yes, I figured out how to return myself back to my normal size AND shrink you, mother fucker! You are really, really going to get it. Did you enjoy being in the stench of your own filthy boxers by the way?

As much as I want to leave you in your filthy fucking boxers for the entirety of the rest of the day, there are many more creative ways to torture you... and you fucking deserve it after all of the cruel things you've done to me. I would have been happy to be your shrunken woman if you were gentle with me. I was so willing to serve you and fulfill your every fantasy as long as you respected the fact that I didn't want to feel pain in any purposeful way, but no you just couldn't help yourself could you?

It went way, way, beyond getting "carried away" as you'd use that term so loosely and you had no fucking mercy. That is why you are one spec that does not deserve an existence. Now you will be a mere morsel for my hunger. Or maybe perhaps I'll make you nothing more than a bug to get crushed underneath of my bare soles? You threatened to end my life so many times when I was your shrunken woman, now how does it feel that the tables have turned?! You couldn't wrap your pea size brain around the fact it's ok to give/receive pain if it's consensual. Don't get me wrong tho-- I don't feel guilty for torturing you ...are you nearly in tears(?)... YOU FUCKING DESERVE THIS!

Now, thanks to you, I don't have any desire to try out the shrunken woman fantasy again. No. This is my true fetish right here. Having a shrunken man in the palm of my hand, completely helpless, getting my revenge! There's no possible way in hell for what I decide to do to you, but you on the other hand have no fucking excuse, none at all! You took advantage of me and I hate you for that. You deserve to be punished for that. Oh what's wrong is my grip too tight? Is it hard to breath?

Today is your dying day and your demise will be by burning in the pit of my stomach acid. (Katelyn tortures you for longer... stuffs you in her ass crack and in her cunt... not to pleasurable since you didn't bathe her properly when she was your shrunken woman.) Your biggest nightmare has come true. Now you're staring at the back of my throat with no escape...

Gulp~ (17:33) I can feel you struggling down my throat! Fuck yes! I can feel you passing through my esophagus going down, down, down into my stomach which is very happy to receive you. (Plays with tits, rubs bare belly, bends over in nothing more than a thong, strips completely naked)

Too bad for you it's a Friday, so they don't expect you at work tomorrow. I think I'll wait to see your skeleton come out in the morning. In the meantime I'm going to order some Thai food and then order some gifts for myself with overnight delivery, all with your credit card of course! I know you can hear me in there. You're just going to have to live, to suffer, inside of my stomach while I continue my revenge hurrah until Sunday night when I will leave your house! *burp* Oh what's wrong? Did I take some air from you? Don't worry, I'll leave the rest in there to see how long you last!

Includes subtle giantess voice effect until I swallow you.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
24:56 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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