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Katelyn's Little Spell

(offscreen, but determined) “From the land beyond, beyond. And, everything great & small. Shrink my friend Billy to 1-inch tall!” (3 - We see you from an extreme low angle from just a couple of feet away, as VR camera is floor level. You react rather surprised that your suitor Billy got shrunk so small, about 1-inch tall. However, you’re very impressed by your handywork, as you slowly walk closer. Now, you’re only a couple of feet from Billy, as you loom over him.)

(surprised & impressed) Wow! Oh my gosh, my magic Shrinking Spell worked! I shrunk you down to 1-inch tall, less than an inch tall I think, as you’re all the way down there! You are so small now, Billy. So, so small! Now, I need to get closer to you. And, I’ll try to walk slowly. (4 - You walk slowly toward 1-inch Billy / aka VR 360 camera, until you loom almost directly over him. And, you’ve placed your feet directly on either side of him, so he can get a closer look at your great boots & you from a low angle.)

(pleasant, yet proud) Now, you can see how great I am as I stand over you! And, I must look gigantic from your tiny size! However, I’ve always known how infatuated you are with me, so I’ll be sweeter with you. But, the way my magic works, you need to stay on the floor & get used to being small. Soon, I’ll pick you up. But for now, just admire my giant boots, their heels & buckles as they tower over you like a skyscraper! (5 - You squat down at 1-inch Billy / VR 360 camera, as you’re about to pick him up in your palm.)

Okay, my little suitor, let me get down closer to you. I remember how you blushed when you first met me, & gave me all those great gifts. Now, I’m sure it’s overwhelming for you to be so tiny, & seeing me tower over you! (6 - We see you bring your right palm down at 1-inch Billy / VR 360 camera until it’s mostly all we see.)

(friendly & reassuring) Now, tiny Billy, climb up into my hand. It’s very soft & nicely manicured. And, I’m wearing those pretty rings for this occasion too! (7 - You help 1-inch Billy / VR 360 camera into your right palm, & slowly carry him up along the side of your boots.)

(friendly & careful) You’d wanted to see my boots close-up after I shrunk you. So, how do you like them? They’re amazing, & aren’t those little buckles great?! (8 - Then you carry 1-inch Billy / VR 360 camera up towards your chest level & stop, so now we can view your cleavage`& gorgeous face looking down at him.)

(a little flirty) I’ve got you, you’re in good hands. Very powerful hands in fact! Yes, I know this is one of your great fantasies. So, I want you to get a very good view of my beauty & greatness, as you look up at me in awe! Now, let me put you on my table. (9 - You place 1-inch Billy / VR 360 camera down on a table. Then, you bring both hands down close-up in front of 1-inch Billy / VR 360 Camera, & put one hand on top of the other, so we can see your pinkie ring close-up too. And then, you rest your chin on the back of your hand, so you can see 1-inch Billy up-close.)

(friendly) Oh wow, I still can’t believe how small I made you! You are teeny-tiny! So, how do you like my magic so far? Really something, isn’t it? Yes, I took care of your bullies from work for you. I’ll tell you about that soon, but I just want to scrutinize my great suitor who I’ve reduced to just one-inch in height! (10 - You then pick 1-inch Billy / VR 360 camera up off the table in your right hand again, & carry him up until we see an extreme close-up of your gorgeous face from a low angle.)

And, how are you doing down there? Yes, I’ve used my magic spells before. I did turn that bully your your work into a small mouse for you. I picked him up by his tail & put him in that small cage, but my cat found a way to get to him! So, we won’t be seeing your bully again! Oh yes, I turned your other bully into a cockroach. I was trying to stop him from scurrying away, but I “accidentally” stepped on him with my boot! And, I use ‘accidentally’ very loosely! (11 - You then help 1-inch Billy / VR 360 camera look around your right palm & fingers, by moving him with your left hand.)

You were also admiring my pretty hands & rings today too. Well, now you can see them up-close & personal! So, you must be overwhelmed by being surrounded by my giant fingers & palm. Oh yes, there’s those beautiful silver rings you were admiring too. They’re big & bold, but they’re bigger than you now! And, it was so sweet that you gave me several of them. (12 - You them bring your left-hand down close-up to 1-inch Billy / VR 360 camera as you still carry him in your right palm, so he can view your left hand’s rings too. You show 1-inch Billy your pinkie ring, etc.)

Oh yes, let me bring my other hand down close to you, so stay there. These rings are pretty too, & I remember when you gave me this pinkie ring as well. Soon, I’ll brings you up closer to me again. (13 - You bring 1-inch Billy / VR 360 camera up close to your eyes, until we just see your beautiful eyes up close.)

Now don’t be frightened, I’m bringing you really close-up so I can study your tiny body. And, you just look so handsome & cute down there. (14 - Then you bring 1-inch Billy / VR 360 camera slowly down your nose, & then stop when he’s extremely close-up to your gorgeous mouth.)

Now, how’s this for a close-up? I know you wanted me to bring you near my mouth like this, & you’d wanted me to kiss you too. So, this must be completely overwhelming for you! And, I know how infatuated you are with me, & how much you want to touch me. So, I’m going to kiss you with my luscious lips over you. (you kiss 1-inch Billy / VR 360 camera softly several times) I hope I’m not too overpowering for you, though I’m sure I am! Oh, you want me to kiss you again? (you kiss him again, but somewhat more passionately, & you French-kiss / tongue him a little too) (15 - You carry 1-inch Billy / VR 360 camera over to the bed, & you lay down. You hold him near your crotch area, & very slowly you move him along your belly, until he’s between your breasts & cleavage. Option: Please take off you top here, or at least undo it, so we can see your breasts more!)

Lets take this adventure to my bed, little Billy. I know you just can’t resist my incredible body, so I’ll bring you closer. And, then I’ll bring you even closer to my gigantic breasts! (you push him closer to your breasts) How’s this for a “Fantastic Voyage”! I’m sure this must feel fantastic for you. They’re completely consuming you! (16 - As you lay your head on the pillow, you carry 1-inch Billy / VR 360 camera up to your face. First you hold him on your cheek, & then near your mouth.)

Now, you can stand on my giant beautiful face, little Billy. It’s still overwhelming to you I know. (you kiss 1-inch Billy / VR 360 camera several times) Okay, lets put you on the bed now. (17 - You place 1-inch Billy / VR 360 camera on your bed, & turn over so we see you from a low angle once more. You loom your breasts over him, & slowly, but purposefully bring your breast down on him, & then you start to moan with pleasure. And, then you place him between your knees & bring your crotch down on him softly several times, & you continue to moan with more pleasure. You loom your breasts over him once again, & then you bring your mouth down on him. So, wee see your lips close-up & from an extreme low-angle. You kiss him more passionately, French-kiss / tongue, as you moan with more pleasure. Finally, you climax.)

This was a completely scripted custom video performed pretty closely with improv. Lots of focus on boots and hands in this one. Note that the VR camera over-adjusted the brightness for a minute a few times, so the video is discounted.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
24:00 minutes
1920x960 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
gentle giantess, virtual reality, vr, 360vr, pov, hand fetish, handheld, cleavage, boots, rings, kiss camera, lick camera, witch, spell, vr360, french manicure, scripted, fetish video, katelyn brooks, giantess katelyn

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