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Crushing My Ex's RC Cars

You're just starting your workout... then the phone rings. You walk over to the table to get your phone and answer it and talk to one of your girlfriends to tell her about the other night. Talking about how "me and my new bf fucked while crushing my ex's vintage toys and how awesome it was. I think my new boyfriend has a sneaker fetish. Today i took my ex's credit card and I went out and got a new pair of Nikes." camera changes briefly to a floor angle. Then you proceed to talk and reminisce about the other night and tell her some of the fun you had..."sex was great.. we destroyed the shit out of his toys." and then while talking you slide a car off the table and drop one of his collectible toy cars on the ground. You proceed to stand on the car with both shoes full weight while on the phone. You bend over, pretending to reenact some of the sexy details from the other night and telling your friend all the juicy sexy details on the phone while standing on the car. "the sex was awesome, we crushed all those toys and both came." while gyrating around (not giving a shit kind of attitude) putting pressure on the toy car. "He left a bunch of expensive model cars here, we are going to do it again tonight. My new bf and I will crush and fuck on them again! Guess what im doing right now? Can you hear that? That's my treads grinding on his toy" With that, you say "im getting so horny and wet... fuck my ex's toys, I cant wait for my new boyfriend to get here tonight! I'm going to grind these fucking model cars into pieces as part of my workout. Gotta go!" and you end the call.

You then crush the cars, one at a time. (You can improvise the next part with crushing. Maybe you wanna use switch between crushing and working out like on a real elliptical/treadmill for a min and then step off and right onto a car). You can do running in place, squats, lunges, etc. And the whole time you rage and crush and stomp and twist on the cars. At the end, you are sitting among all the broken pieces on the floor, and you do some fapping. As you're fapping, the phone rings, its your new boyfriend and you tell him what you just did while touching yourself. "im such a bitch. i took my ex's credit card got some new nikes and i was so horny, i crushed all his cars. The shoes HE paid for destroyed HIS toys. you laugh." Maybe say something like "I'm so wet right now, you need to get over here! I even found more of his stuff we can crush later!"

This was a custom with improv including a bug crush scene during the introduction. At one point in the video one camera is watching me crush and the other camera is your pov as I'm talking to you, the viewer, about the crushing and letting you see how much I enjoy it! (It's pretty damn hot!) I crush a total of 6 RC cars in this video, first in my full workout outfit, then without my shorts, then without my panties... just with my sports bra, sneakers and socks on.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
50:51 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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