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Booty Got Bigger

So I gained a bit of weight and now days the extra lbs transforms straight into inches around my booty wooo! At the beginning of spring I knew I gained some weight so I put on a pair of size 24 jean shorts which didn't fit and out all of them went. That brings us to now and all of my size 25 jean shorts are also, to my surprise, too tight on me.

Watch me struggle to get size 25 jean shorts up over my big booty. I bounce up and down to get them the whole way up and then that's not all of the struggle, then I need to squeeze them together to get them buttoned shut. Jeezus! How big is my ass anyway? Out of curiosity I bring out the tape measure and wrap it around my waist and booty. My fully relaxed measurements are 30" waist 38" ass. My goal is to lose an inch around my waist and gain an inch around my ass by working out for it!

Enjoy watching my ass spill out of several jean shorts while I talk about how small they are on me and how big my ass is. I even measure around my ass again with shorts on and shorts off and my ass is 39" shelved ontop of my jean shorts. I could keep these shorts just for shoots, but I'd rather have shorts that properly fit me, so I'm going to give them to a friend.

Each sale will go towards a new pair of shorts to hug my big ass which you can check out in more videos to come! I also talk about how to purchase personal items from me in this video and I hold my panty in between my sexy ass cheeks. ;)


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
27:58 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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