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Cum Now and Again Later to My Perfect Hands

I just got home from the nail salon and knowing how much you love my perfectly manicured feminine hands I figured I'd make this video for you to admire how they look. I absolutely love the way they turned out and another thing I'd love is for you to cum to my beautiful hands. I know it's been on your mind lately, so go for it. Oh yes.

Which is your favorite side? Do you like to look at my very pretty manicure while you stroke your cock or do you like to look at the palm of my hand wishing, longing, for your face to be underneath of it while you stroke. Ohhh. You want my hands on your face, I know you do. I'm going to give it to you. Cum with my hands on your face! They're getting closer, and closer, so close that you can see every little crevice of my palms and every swirl on my finger tip pads.

I like seeing the desire in your facial expression, it brings me enjoyment too- pleasuring you in this way, watching you jack off to my hands. I always keep them nicely manicured. Enjoy the view as I lean back and continue to tease you. Cum for me, cum to my hand, cum on my hand!

Did you do it? Did you cum for my hands? If yes, turn off this video right now and then you can resume past this point next time you want to look at my hands. (7:35) I tell you to Save the rest of this video for your next masturbation session to see what's next. The hand tease gets even hotter with busting cleavage views, ass in thong, two really good ass slaps, finger licking, and moan-tastic views! ;)


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
13:26 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
pov, manicure, fingers, hands, french tips, white tips, palms, cleavage, ass, joi, jack off encouragement, jack off instruction, slap, butt, tease, finger licking, finger sucking, katelyn brooks

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