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Personal Item Package

Do not buy this unless we have already previously talked about what it's for and the price is set for your specific item. The price changes on this listing from order to order for a tangible personal item package payment through my site. This is not for a custom video. Again ONLY purchase if we've already talked and the price has been custom set for your specific checkout. (price will show a .50 decrease to make up for the download fee added at checkout) Since my store requires a product download to link a store listing to, an empty .zip will be in your download area after purchase. Don't download, nothing there, but you will have whatever we agreed to look forward to receiving after your payment. Xox, Katelyn ♥

If you're like, what's a personal item package? It's a package of sexy items sent to you. Like my worn socks, panties, bras, etc. Price starts at $55-$65 for one clean item. $25 for additional clean items since the initial price covers so much. (item, packaging supplies, shipping cost, round trip uber to usps, my time) Customization options are possible. If this interests you then check here for more info.

I've retired from custom videos, they're not available anywhere.


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Producer: Katelyn Brooks
personal item, payment, katelyn brooks

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