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Turn on The News and Keep it On!

Hey guys, I have BIG news! Let me start from the beginning. A couple months ago I started Yoga class and quickly became besties with this girl that works on some top secret experiments for the government. She needed to stop by the laboratory quick after class today and despite telling me not to touch anything while she was in the restroom I just could't help take a few licks of a growth substance that was brewing. There was also a bin of capsules in the growth area that said "use with caution"... can you blame me for swiping one? You know, combining my giantess fetish with perhaps my one and only opportunity ever in growing for real! Yes, that's what this capsule is... but first before I take it check out my TITS! Don't they look bigger? I'm pretty sure that growth substance is going to be sold to women who want bigger boobs. And OMG look at my ass! My ass is bigger too! My yoga shorts are now more like boy short panties! My ass is swallowing them! And you might not be able to tell through video, but I'm definitely a few inches taller too!

Ok so now I'm going to swallow this growth capsule. Who knows how big I'm going to get! If I grow to 8ft I'll still fit in my house since it has tall ceilings, but if I grow to 15ft I'm going to be bursting out of it! If I grow to 20 or 50 feet I'll be a Goddess on Earth. If I grow even bigger then everyone and everything will be toy sized compared to me. I'm ready to make the city, the state and the world my playground to do with as I please! As soon as I swallow this capsule I'm going to release this video... you will be one of the very first people to know what's going on. Turn on the news and keep it on! There's no saying how much time this will take. A few days? Months? Years? I'm swallowing the pill now, so we will see! *Gulp*


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
14:50 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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