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Mommy's Panty Pervert

Faye discovers her son, shrunken and in a pair of her discarded panties on her bedroom floor. Realising that he’s been masturbating, she humiliates and degrades him for being so naughty. Shrinking himself just to perv is externally dangerous, he could have been crushed to death under his own moms feet if she hadn’t seen him. Although talking about how mom’s feet could have killed him, is for some reason getting him hard. Maybe he should jerk off to his giant mom’s feet to get it out of his system.

He ends up in a jar, as he’s going to be mommy’s pet now. Although on her return home later she decides he needs to do more to earn his keep and he soon gets fed to mommy’s pussy. Despite making her cum, he’s not looking in a good way so Faye decides he’s going to make a great snack for mommy’s tummy. Time to get back inside mommy, until of course his bones end up in the toilet after her nap.


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
29:19 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
Faye Rampton, MILF, older woman, mom, mother, mature, taboo, panties, humiliation, inside jar, pov, shrunken man, saliva, floor view, in between feet, masturbation, pussy rubbing, fingering, mouth tease, big boobs, boob bouncing, nipples, handheld, tongue


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  1. JDO's Avatar
    One of the all time hottest giantess videos I've ever watched, and that's a fucking lot of them. Faye is wonderful, I cannot recommend this one enough. 10 stars.

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