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Growth Nightmare

Kawaii flew out of town for an important business meeting in the morning, but from the looks of what's happening she may not be making her meeting after all... unless she's just having a bad dream. It all feels so real though, she exclaims, as she looks down and sees her body getting bigger. So much bigger in fact that it's pushing through and destroying the black body suit she wore while going out tonight.

She tries to sleep it off thinking it has to be a dream, but she keeps waking up, tossing in panic as her body suit tears off her body before her eyes. Either she's dreaming... or tripping! Of course she didn't intentionally take anything the night before an important meeting, but she did have a drink and perhaps it was laced. Either way, what a nightmare she's dealing with and who knows if she'll ever make her meeting in the morning!

This was a comparatively large and costly production with 4 people working on set to make possible and a week of editing for me to complete. It has nice high quality visuals, crisp audio, and lots of body suit ripping action with various angles. I don't expect to profit off the price, just hoping to break even from working on this fun project. Thanks for your support!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
10:01 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
growth fetish, pawg, big boobs, expansion, slow motion, fishnet, nylon, body suit, destruction, ripping, tearing, close up, growing, panic, nightmare, struggle, dream, trip, trippy, black hair, sleeping, bed, bedroom, moaning, gasping, fetish video, mistr

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