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Hot as Hell 7: Judgment Day

MONSTER GANG - Formerly known as Sheela and Cyanide, bring you another steamy tale from the Hot as Hell club, and this time, it's full of giant-sized destruction!

A pious doomsday preacher gets just what he asked for; Doomsday. In the form of one voluptuous, sultry Angel ready to smite the sinners of the world! But who will be able to measure up to her strict (and somewhat strange) standards? Find out in Hot as Hell 7: Judgment Day!

♥ 21 pages of crisp, 4K fun by Sheela!
♥ Meet Christine; A sinfully seductive Angel!
♥ Doomsday has never been so deliciously lewd!
♥ Cars, buildings, bridges and people - obliterated!
♥ Light gore - People turn to splatters beneath clear heels!
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Product Details:
Producer: Sheela
21 HQ Photos
3333x4000 pdf
comic, sheela, cyanide, tits, breasts, boobs, giantess, shrinking, succubus, monster girl, angel, crush, tit crush, breast crush, car crush, city, destruction, angel, goddess, nipples, nipple, fantasy, curves, jewelry, feet, heels, french nails, lips, t

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