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Smother Seat Surprise

We wake up in bed together. We've been so busy with moving that I've been looking forward to taking a day off from doing stuff around the house and anything on our to do list. To celebrate and make the day extra enjoyable I got a surprise which I will go set up downstairs. While teasing you with my ass to give you a hint, I tell you to meet me downstairs in 5 minutes after I leave the bedroom.

You arrive to see me seductively reveal a new sexy outfit and that's not all! Next I reveal a nice face sitting / pussy worship / booty worship seat / smother box! Let's give it a whirl... I say as I dance my ass over to it. Get in, love!

I next tease you with my nice body and sit on top. It's a nice fit and you enjoy the view. You start worshiping my ass, I strip naked, you lick my pussy and asshole pov style while I swirl a finger around my clit. I moan with pleasure while I watch you pleasure yourself as well until we both cum. You shot such a huge load, I love seeing it!

I grab my phone, you can rest there under my ass while I order delivery for breakfast. I'm craving Mexican and I flex my asshole. See you in the shower before breakfast arrives and then we can watch our favorite show and then enjoy the box again... what a fantastic weekend it's off to and there's plenty more coming!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
18:59 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
surprise, gfe, pov, face sitting, ass, smother, pink panties, black thong, tits, naked

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