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Katelyn's Smelly Boot Socks

Price includes vacuum sealed socks, one more time wear during a long day out, priority shipping with tracking (US only - email to place an international order), and a .zip of the screenshots from the .gif. Very important: email [email protected] after purchase to confirm your shipping name and address. My store doesn't notify me about tangible item purchases since it was built for digital downloads, so when you send me your address confirmation I'll know to manually search for your order and get it to you! :)

Be sure to check out "Stinking up Socks for Weeks... My Last Well Worn Pairs!" to watch me talk about this pair of socks, and others, while I put them on and then slip them back off to show you my reaction to smelling them! I've had this pair in particular for years and have been stinking them up over the last few months, and counting, with lots of causual wear!

You will receive my socks in plain (discreet) packaging from "KB", open contents in privacy. Transaction will appear as KBROOKS on your CC statement. I'm also happy to accept Amazon eGift Card to [email protected] -here's a link- leave the eCard's standard (pre-filled) message in place for privacy and simply email me after you send it to let me know what it's for.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
12 HQ Photos
1920x1080 zip
smelly, stinky, ankle socks, personal item, foot fetish, katelyn brooks, giantess katelyn

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