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Stinking up Socks for Weeks... My Last Well Worn Pairs!

Are you ready for a true story about my socks? It's kinda funny. Ok, well, the socks you see beside me are the only ankle socks I now have in my possession. I used to have a dozen or two more, but whilst settling into my new home I realized I got to the point of unpacking all boxes without my clean socks to be seen anywhere. Must have forgot to empty my drawer of ankle socks at my old place.

Fuck!! The only pairs of socks I have stink! I've been wearing them all for weeks and months for a lucky foot boy like you, so I don't want to wash them. All of that work stinking up the socks would go down the drain and, fuck that! Instead, I'll ask for your help. Each pair of socks I sell will get me closer to having a pair of nice, new, clean socks on my sexy soles!

Enjoy hearing about each pair in this video + watch my reaction to smelling them before you decide which pair you'd like to have. Or you can just enjoy the video which supports my work overall! However, I'll go sock shopping only after I sell my dirty socks. So if you don't buy a pair just think of it as making these socks smellier for the person that does buy them... lol! How great is that?! Almost just as great as you getting them for yourself? :D

You can buy the socks from this video here while they last. (Each pair from this video will be listed within the next several days) Xox, Katelyn


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
23:32 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
story, socks, soles, pink toe nails, feet, close up, pov, smelly, stinky, candid

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