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Collecting Spit - My Slave's Nourishment for Today

Goodmorning slave. Look at that smile on your face - the expression of true happiness living a wonderful life being my obedient slave and getting rewarded for it. Last night you got to sleep at my feet and now today I have a tasty treat for you. My spit!

On top of that, you will get to watch me collect it for you while I masturbate and flavor it with my pussy juices. But that's not all...

(Katelyn masturbates to make pussy juice to mix in with her spit, then goes and has breakfast, pours spit into test tubes off cam, and returns)

Now that I'm back from breakfast I will let you watch me fill the sixth tube up with my spit. Look at all of this delicious nourishment for my slave. My spit lover, is what I like to call you today.

Tubes 1 & 2 have my clean morning spit before eating anything. Tube 3 has spit after my breakfast (leftover panang curry), tube 4 has spit after my desert (a cookie and chocolate kiss), tube 5 and 6 have spit collected after brushing and using mouthwash. So, tube 6 is more so my mid day spit. I wonder which will be your favorite?

When I sat down and had breakfast my cum gushed out of my pussy. I pulled my panties up between my swollen pussy lips, soaking them in my cum. So to top off your breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I will also be leaving my panties here for you to lick and nibble clean. I'll be back tonight to check up on you. I expect you to ingest every drop of my spit and clean my panties well before they get washed on the gentle cycle.

(Katelyn leaves the tubes of spit and panties on the bed for you and exits the room)


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
39:04 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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