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Sorority Sister's Secret Crush

Description: JamesMason0 and EmmaGear bring you the story of Charlette, a shy, timid girl who prefers to keep to herself most times. In fact, the only reason she's joining a sorority is because she knows it'll look good on a future résumé. Join Charlette over 70 pages as she learns to open up to her housemates, and discover the joys of crushing miniature people. But when her new friendships are tested, will she be able to endure? Or will she crumble, and return to the boring simplicity of her old life?

♥ It's a dream come true! Tiny people are real, and given out freely!
♥ But it comes with the requirement to keep quiet about the Sorority's actions!
♥ Join Charlette as she grows closer and tries new experiences with her new friends!
♥ But the sister in charge of the house doesn't like Charlette from the moment they meet...
♥ It all comes to a head in an epic finale. Pick one of FOUR different endings!
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Product Details:
Producer: EmmaGear
70 HQ Photos
1920x1200 pdf
comic, emmagear, jamesmason0, jm0, shrunken man, shrunken woman, shrinking, boob crush, foot crush, barefoot, vore, casual crush, lesbian, yuri, tinies, gore, blood, remains, erotica, story

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