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Brother, It's Called A Burping Fetish

Ohh, there's my foot lotion! (Katelyn starts rubbing foot lotion onto her sexy soles with a flat dangling from her toes) Um, do you have a little bit of time right now or are you busy? I have something kind of important to talk about and it might be embarrassing, but if you're busy we can talk another time because it'll take 10 - 20 minutes. It's ok right now? Alright then... you're trapped by sis'! (Katelyn's flat dangles from her toes and falls off. She crosses her bare foot over her knee with sole directly in front of your face!)

Yeah, um, you know how I let you borrow my Surface Pro last night? Well, I went on YouTube and um *burp* I noticed that there were a few burping videos in the "recommended for you" area of the front page and I only use YouTube for my girly stuff and school work. So I looked at my YouTube search history and discovered various searches involving a hot girl burping.

I can see your face turning red, so this is clearly a sexual thing you're curious about! :) *burp* Well, I dated a few guys in highschool with different sexualities and I wanted to let you know it would be beneficial to add the keyword "fetish" to your search! (Katelyn continues to rub her feet and talks about them for moment, ADHD yay!)

So, even though I'm your sister I wanted to show you that I support you and even kinda let you experience what it'd be like in person to maybe burp in your face a few times or more. *burp* *burp* (Katelyn burps multiple ways and adjusts her shirt) I want to let you know that I'm ok with whatever you decide to do right now... you could even pleasure yourself just to see what it'd be like to orgasm to someone as hot as I am burping in your face. *burp*

Don't worry, this is just between us and I will never say anything about it again, even to you. (Katelyn leans back, puts her feet on you, and continues burping while encouraging you to cum to her burps) Don't tell anyone about this, but I like watching boys masturbate... you could be one of them. Yes.

You know how I've always liked extra salt on my food? I also love the way cum tastes. Let me suck you off before mom decides to come outside! *burp* (quick pov blowjob)

This video is super hot! Contains plenty of burping, unaware foot fetish tease, jack off encouragement, brief blowjob pov, brother and sister scenario, and fetish exploration in a relaxed setting! You're going to love it! :D


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
14:58 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
burping, foot lotion, foot rub, sister, brother, blowjob pov, rubbing feet, sitting

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