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4K 360 VR - Kiss Me in the Rain and Make Love to Me

Now that I'm back home to you we can spend the rest of the day however we desire. As I was out running errands, I kept fantasizing about how badly I wanted to kiss you in the rain. Even though we've decided to keep you shrunken, there's nothing stopping us from going outside to have a romantic "Notebook style" moment making love by french kissing in the rain. Let's go before it stops!

Katelyn places you under her big warm tits inside of her very soft white shirt to give you a ride outside in her heaving cleavage! You make hot, passionate, romantic love by french kissing in the rain with wet tit action in the mix. She brings you back inside to finish off in the bedroom...

That was so incredibly romantic, it was everyting I ever dreamed it would be! I just love you so much! I'm going to take such great care of you for the rest of our lives together! I almost want to go back out there with you, but I don't want us to get sick, so let's continue our play in here! (the bedroom!)

I know how much you love being under and in between my breasts and I love it so much too baby, oh my god yes. I love feeling your mouth serve my nipple like that... look at how hard you're making it after only a few seconds of serving it... it's getting harder and harder and harder. Ohh, warm me up by cumming on my nipple baby! I love helping you out a bit, licking my own nipple while you love your cock into it, oh baby you're going to make me cum!

High quality audio throughout with subtle giantess voice effect!

This is the fourth video in a series!
Video 1: HISTK Roleplay for your Birthday
Video 2: Using My Shrunken Boyfriend as a Living Dildo
Video 3: I Want to Keep You Shrunken


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
13:48 minutes
1920x960 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
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  1. Bill's Avatar
    This is the best series ever! I love following the couples dynamic and can't wait to see more. I so hope the next part is just them enjoying Thai food together, hopefully with him in the food.

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