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4K 360 VR - You Got in, Now I Need to Crush You

I hate when bugs get into the house because then I need to crush them. Ew! I don't want a bug walking around the house. Who know what you're going to get into - you could get into my panty drawer for all I know. You little bugs are so disgusting how you can just crawl up anything you want, even the wall, ewwwhewhewhewhew ughh!! Even though you're oh so tiny and so far down there on the ground underneath my foot which is so much larger than you, it's hard to crush you because you're a bug and bugs freak me the hell out!

Ok... mind over matter... you're just a bug, just a bug, it'd be over in a second if I just raise my foot and SPLAT! But you're going to stain my carpet... I just crushed a bug the other day and it stained my carpet. Did you see the stain on my carpet as you came up the stairs? Ok, if I just crush you fast... EWW you just touched the side of my foot! Ok, maybe I just need to not look at you when I crush you. AHH!! Ok, that's worse, and I want to make sure you're completely crushed!

Oh, ho, ho, ho! With how this is going you better hope I fully crush you because I'm so afraid to even get close to you that I could so easily accidentally crush a part of your buggy body and then you'd be down here squirming and suffering and begging me to finish you off. I have no idea what's going through that buggy mind but, I can certainly tell where you're looking.... up at my pussy! Is that it? You were trying to get up to my bedroom. You were dreaming of what it'd be like to be human and get close to this big beautiful body. Maybe if you get reincarnated as a human and your handsome enough haha!! Ok... I'm going to try to crush you again... ohhh!!

I know. Don't you go anywhere! I'm going to go get a pair of shoes...

Look at the bottom of these sandals. I've been so many places with these shoes. To the mall, beach, parks, walks, vacations, just look at how worn they are and now I'm going to have fun with this and make you the next stain on the bottom of my well worn sandal! Even though I have a sandal on I still don't want to put my foot ontop of your disgusting little body, I'm just walking over you again and again, that's the sound of your death approaching!!

Katelyn counts down from 10 while giving you a crush tease and finally crushing you under her bare foot and then finishing you off under her sandaled foot. She revels in it! Moans even! She enjoys rolling you under her foot over and over, slowly crushing you. You don't break easily and you feel good under the ball of her foot. She uses your body as a massager as she slowly crushes, flattens, and squishes you into the carpet. You're the bug that changed it all... that made her go from thinking bugs that are so disgusting she didn't even want to put her foot ontop of them to enjoying crushing them! At 12 minutes Katelyn then goes off to hunt around the house for one more bug to enjoy her new found love for crushing! (Details kept as a surprise!)

There are no bugs in this video. You are referred to as a bug in pov style.

*** Enjoy this video for only $9.99 to celebrate the first video release of the new year with me!! <3 ***


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
18:48 minutes
1920x960 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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  1. kahiled's Avatar
    I am happy with this site and I keep it a lot
  2. Joseph's Avatar
    I absolutely LOVE this video! I watch it often in my Oculus, Katelyn is amazing as always. If you're into foot crush POV and you have a VR headset, just get this, you'll be glad you did!

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