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Her Wicked Pleasure Chapter 3

Continuing from the previous chapter, the furious giantess gets even more wild and crazy! She’s such a sadist who inflicts incredibly bloody pain! The tiny clone boy’s body is very weak at this point, but the giantess is keen on seeing how collapsed the boy’s mind is as well. The bone-crushing, blood-splattering punishment he endures forces him to beg for his life – to no avail. Penetration, pelting, fracturing, decapitation – it all seems normal now. Is this enough fun for the giantess this time?

♥ 30 pages of highly detailed artwork by Maskray!
♥ A seriously injured clone-boy submits himself to death!
♥ Observe some nude bloody body, penis, and balls torture!
♥ After all the deadly abuse, here comes the vore and digestion!
♥ The giantess grinds the tiny guy's body inside her mouth and pussy!
♥ His very existence is pushed to the limits for a giantess' ruthless pleasure!


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Product Details:
Producer: Maskray
30 HQ Photos
1083x1541 pdf
comic, shrunken man, penis torture, gore, mouth, internal, stomach, vore, digestion, acids, Maskray

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