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A Tiny New Friend

Beth's reading on her bed when she spots something move, a tiny little person! Fascinated with his small size she wants him to bet her new friend, she'll be every so kind and gentle with him. He's just so cute, mom is always in Beth's room, so she can never hide sex toys in her room in case she gets caught; but he could be her sex toy. Mom would never suspect a thing even if she did find him. He is kissed and licked and tease with Beth's hot wet mouth until he's slipped into her panties. Her pussys so wet he easily slips inside of her. The feeling of a little person inside of her squirms is just too intense for Beth. She pleads for him to get out of her, if he doesn't get out in time, he'll drown in her cum. She tries not not cum for as long as she can but she can't stop herself as her tiny little friend makes a giant girl cum. Fortunately he did make it out alive. But they've just been so, so naughty. Beth just doesn't want to take the risk of mom finding out. It's so bad and cruel, but if she swallowed him inside her, he'll digest in her tummy and be absorbed into her body with no trace, with his silence guaranteed. She had Cheerios for breakfast, maybe he could hang onto one to keep alive as long as possible before he dissolves. It's strange, she feels so powerful. His screams and pleading not to go inside her is making her pussy really, really wet again...


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
17:38 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
discovered, gentle, horny, masturbation, pov, shrunken man, tits, moaning, vore, blonde, blue eyes, belly, panties, stomach, knee high socks, bed, bedroom, Beth Bennett

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