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360 VR - Celebrating Six Months of Owning You

This was a custom script closely followed as written. It's a huge script for a one-shot VR video, but it was rehearsed and turned out pretty darn close with multiple parts verbatim!

There is darkness. Then the sound of some sort of alarm. There is rustling around the camera and the alarm is silenced. Soon there is light as a giant hand invades the cameras view and pull the POV up and out of the covers. The camera was against your ass underneath the covers. POV is brought to your face and you lay on your stomach.

‘Good morning my little slave. How was your night?’ You lean in and give the camera a kiss and take a quick sniff. ‘You smell just like my ass.’ You say smiling. ‘Tell me slave, do you know what today is?’ You wait and look slightly annoyed. ‘I can’t believe you don’t remember.’ You pout a little, clearly toying with you victim. ‘It’s the six month anniversary from when I found you in by my bed! That’s right, six whole months of belonging to me! I’ve taken off work, I’ve made no plans for today. I’m just going to lay in bed with my little slave all day and we can play.’

‘Don’t be scared little guy. I’m not going to shove you inside just yet. I want to try something new. Over this six months I’ve talked at you a lot but I’ve never really talked to you, you know what I mean? I wanna figure out what makes my little toy tick. What do you say? Care to have a little pillow talk with your giant goddess?’ You feign disappointment. ‘You don’t wanna talk to me? Well I guess I could just shove you back up my ass and go back to sleep.’ You smile as he clearly doesn’t want that. ‘Well you sure changed your mind quickly.’

You adjust in bed so you clearly have all of your attention on this little man. The covers are pulled down revealing you are only in a bra and panties with your face and cleavage taking a predominant role in the frame.

‘You must be pretty scared of my ass, huh? You always beg and plead whenever I mention shoving you inside. Are you scared of my asshole?’ You wait for an answer and then giggle at the response. ‘Good, I want you to be scared of it. It feels so good having you in there. Even after all your energy has been drained and you are motionless in my butt it still feels amazing. The fact that it scared you just makes it more pleasurable to be honest.’ At this point you begin massaging your breast. ‘That’s right, keep begging. It’s not going to stop me from shoving you up my butt but that doesn’t mean I don’t like it. What about my pussy? Is it scary?’

Your other hand slides into your panties and begin touching yourself. ‘It’s so big isn’t it. I’m such a bitch for making you spend the entire weekend in there last weekend.I just loved it every time you almost escaped I would just pull you back in.It was just kinda a game to me but it must have been like a natural disaster for you.’ You roll on your back while lightly working on yourself. ‘I couldn’t imagine being shoved in a giant pussy. Or even worse someones ass. Ugh, what a nightmare; the smells the sticky slime. And remember that time you got caught up in a wave of my piss? Ugh, no way.’ You then roll back over and focus back onto the little man with a big smile. ‘Luckily those are things that I’ll never have to deal with.’

Now you sit up and put your feet in front of the little guy. ‘Let’s talk about my feet little guy, you know how much I love you licking between my toes. I mean say what you will about how I’m a big mean giantess but I could be a lot meaner. I always keep my toenails in perfect beautiful shape for you. Well, I guess that’s because I make you paint them. You really do a good job though, my rough training was worth it. Sure they smell kinda funky but that’s what feet do. Actually, can I tell you an embarrassing secret. I try to avoid washing them as much as I can. It’s gotten to the point that I’m self conscious to wear sandals out in public because I’m afraid someone will notice. It’s worth it though. When I have you at my feet I want you to bask in my scent.’ Your toes begin overtaking the camera.

‘Stop overreacting, they don’t stink that bad! That’s no way to act to a lady who's just trying to be a little flirty. I think as punishment you may have to spend a few days in my sweaty workout socks. Nope it’s too late to take it back now.’ You then resume laying on your stomach. ‘Ya know, six months is a long time. I couldn’t possibly count how many times I’ve cum to your little struggles on my body. I wonder though… being this up close and personal with my giant body… being deep in the darkest, sweatiest crevices that no one has ever known… how many times have you cum little guy? Never? Now that must be impossible. I mean these tits, they’ve caused you so much pain being wedged between them for hours, being pressing into my hardened nipple as I go about my day but they are still tits.’

‘Well, I’m frankly insulted little ant. You saying you never came with me is basically saying that you don’t find me attractive enough. We’re just going to have to fix this together. Now grab that dick of yours little man, you are going to cum for your goddess. Don’t be mistaken though bug, I don’t care one second for your gratification. Whether you jerk your dick while up my ass or roll in a ball and cry I could care less. This is just another form of worship that I demand. Now look at these tits.’ You grab your breasts and present them in front of the camera. ‘Don’t make me repeat myself bug, Look at these tits.’ You are now positioned on your side with your breasts cupped, nipples poking through the fingers bringing them close to the camera.

‘As I’m sure you are aware, these are the tits of a goddess. You are no different than an ant, caught between my massive heaving breasts. You life could be snuffed out without me even knowing. Just placing one of these tits on top of you would be no different than a planet crashing into you. Don’t you dare stop jerking off little guy. You will cum to your insignificance. You will cum to my dominance!’ You then bring your face close.

‘Your existence is mine little one. You like my lips, my big full juicy lips. Were you a regular human you would be lucky to kiss these sweet lips. You however are nothing but a speck trapped in their embrace.’ You breath hard onto the camera. ‘How does my morning breath smell? You don’t like it? Do something about it then.’ You do it again. ‘Drown in my stale morning breath and jerk your dick. I will force you to crave the nasty parts of me that no one else can see. My sour breath, my stinky feet, my sweaty armpits. There will be temples of your perversion.’ You lick the camera. ‘You’re mine.’ Another lick. ‘You’re mine.’ Another lick. ‘You’re mine.’ Another lick. ‘You’re fucking MINE!’ (I want this scene to start with a gentle lick and have each lick become more intense and dominating until you are near fiercely rasping at him for the last one) You back your face up to show your ass is in the air with your hands between your legs.

It’s time for you to cum while licking the wrinkles of my asshole little toy. (The camera died at this point, but I charged it and the video resumes with a very similar shot for a smooth continuance of the video) Can you imagine the helplessness, the humiliation of being forced to lick a giant girls asshole. This is your life. I’m sure there’s some part of your brain that thinks you can escape or that someone will come and rescue you but that will never happen. Your entire existence, your entire reason for being, is to be a tickle in my ass. Now cum before my fart rips you to pieces.’ (asshole play continues for a minute) Congratulations- you came to your Goddess!

(This very end is mostly improv) Now let's not forget about my pussy! Honestly you probably know it better than I do at this point. You see you belong to me which means you belong to this pussy. This pussy owns you. It can do anything it wants with you. It’s favorite thing to do is swallow you whole, to drown you in it’s overflowing cum. Luckily for you, even though I'm horny I'm even more hungry at the moment, so I'm going to go make breakfast for myself. You're not getting a breather though. No. While I satisfy my hunger, you're going to stay put in my panties and tickle my clit. Awwwh. Are you hungry too? Well you can just fill up on all of my pre-cum- better get hard to work!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
22:20 minutes
3840x1920 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
360 VR, virtual reality, pov, bra, panties, ass, thong, cleavage, big lips, lick camera, mouth cam, asshole, masturbation, pussy, close up, toes, soles, foot fetish, feet, torture, dominant, humiliation, forced, jack off, jerk off, stroke it, jack off ins

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