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You Are MINE Now

This was a custom script closely followed as written: You are asleep on the bed, dressed in a T-shirt, bra underneath and panties, with a muffin or some kind of snack (unimportant) on a bedside stand. There is a little man near the snack. You awaken and find him. You say something to the effect of, 'Is that a little man?', 'How'd you get in my bedroom?', ect. 'Were you scavenging for food? No you can't leave. You forfeited your freedom the second you stepped in my home. You are MINE now.' You know, all the good captured scared tiny talk.

You reference how he is screaming and terrified. You purposefully bath him in your sour morning breath and tell him to breath it in. 'I have never seen a man as tiny as you before. I always wake up so horny though so you're a welcome surprise' you say as you drop him in your cleavage. You gently rub your tits together as he disappears between them*. Help me Goddess, I'm trapped between your giant titties! You take your shirt off, still dominating him with your tits before unhooking your bra to retrieve him, taunting him all the while. You rub him across your breasts and nipples as you take your top off. Feel free to work your breast play the way you feel is best. I do enjoy shots that are close ups of the breasts while emphasizing how much they dwarf the man. Your facials of enjoyment are welcome as well, taking pleasure in your control and power at his expense.

*In no point in this video do I want you to appear overly rough with the man. I want it to be more showcasing your dominance and power with no desire to actually crush him, though proving you easily could.

Removing him from your breasts, you take notice he is praying to be saved and you giggle. 'If you are going to pray to anyone little man, pray to me. I'm your god now. I'm your everything. I can do whatever I want with you.'

You kick off your blanket and lead him down your body tracing him across your stomach and down to your crotch. You lightly trace him along your pussy lips and ask him, 'Do you smell that? That's the smell of your future, my little toy.' Then led along your smooth thigh, down your calf you drop him at the bed by your feet.

'Speaking of smells you should get used to.' You raise one of your foots arch above the man. 'You can call me sick. you can call me depraved. You can call me perverted. As long as you also call me Goddess I don't care what a toy says. But keep begging. It's making me so wet…' With that you gently lower in on top of him. You roll your foot over him a bit before ending up with him under the arches of your toes. Again I don't want you being too rough with him or crushing him. Just showing your power by controlling his entire body under your still toes. A super close up of him trapped under the arches of your toes would be great here.

'It's so funny. You're so small and powerless, I could trap you between my toes and you'd have no hope for escape. There's literally nothing you could do. Until I let you go my toes are your entire world. Everything you see is me, everything you touch is my soft skin, everything you smell…' you start giggling (in case you hadn't caught on, smell is a reoccurring point to hit on). 'All it would take would be for me to wiggle these toes, the most mundane movement and your world would be in shambles.'

Grabbing him between two toes you bring him to your face and remove him from your feet. 'Aw, did my toes bully you? Let's see how you smell after getting up close and personal with my feet.' You bring him to your nose and take a whiff. 'You definitely smell like my feet. My feet tend to sweat in my sleep so I'm not surprised. I wonder though. I feel like I've got a booger hanging in my nose. Be a good slave and take care of that for me.' You then stick him in your nostril and rub him around while laughing. After a second of playing with him like this take him out and laugh in his face. 'You're soaked in my snot. Luckily you didn't get stuck up there. I don't see the booger though. You might be too tiny to handle a booger my size I guess. Good to know if I ever want to stick you somewhere I can just cover you in a booger you'll be stuck.'

You then lay on your back and lift your arm. You take a whiff of your armpit and retract, selling the smell. You then place him face down in your armpit. You slowly lower your arm as you say, 'And then there was darkness.' Keep him in your enclosed armpit for a short while, gently rolling your shoulder as though you are kneading him into yourself.

While he is in your armpit your other hand slips into your panties and begins touching yourself, then leading to removing the panties. After about 30 seconds in your armpit you take him out and bring him to your mouth. You bring him to your mouth and breath on him again. You say, 'You are mine forever and all I can think about is how much I want to devour you.' Again you comment on his terror as you lick him, placing him in your mouth and sloshing him around in your saliva. Please no biting or teeth action but spit, tongue and lip play are very welcome. If you could hock a loogie while he is in your mouth and stick you tongue out with him mixed in. 'So that's where that booger went. Looks like it's not done with you yet.' You say before closing your mouth and sloshing them about.

After a short while you gently spit him into your hand and say, 'Of course I didn't swallow you. Silly little man. I said I was going to devour you. I never said which set of lips would consume you.'

You then trace him down your body until he is face to face with your now naked vagina. You begin caressing his body along your pussy, commenting on how it must seem like a giant monster to him. You take pleasure in imagining aloud what his perception of your body must be like. Tell him he is right to fear the Goddess' pussy. Spend some time using him to tickle your clit while saying, 'It really, really wants you. It wants to eat you alive little man. Should I let it have you? It doesn't look like it'll be gentle with you.' Upon asking that you slowly and ominously split yourself open and dangle the little man over your cavernous vagina. A short pause for dramatic effect. 'I think I'm going to let it have you.' And then you drop him in.

You then begin pleasuring yourself with him inside you. No toys would be preferred. Revel in your dominance, and how you hold his life in your hands. 'Your fear makes me so wet!' and 'Make me cum or drown inside me' are good things to moan while pleasuring yourself. After cumming I would like you to dig him out of your vagina and giggle at him being soaked in your juices. You comment on how he is coughing up cum and shaking in terror still. You gather some cum on your fingers and run it across him covering the man again. 'Think of this as me marking you. Now there is no question that you belong to me.'

Playfully teasing yourself you say, 'Was my pussy a little rough, little man. My pussy is satisfied… for now' Then your butthole comes into frame. 'But now my butthole is hungry for a little man. It's only fair to let it play with you as well, huh?' You giggle and say, 'Wow, you really don't want to go in my ass, huh?' As you rub him around the ring of your anus. 'Beg me to not shove you up my ass, little toy.' Please goddess not your butthole. Anywhere but your butthole. It's dark and scary! You laugh after you clearly notice him begging. 'I'm afraid there is no escape. I do hope the smell isn't too bad, you will probably be spending an awful lot of time back there from now on.' You bite your lower lip, 'Make my butt feel good, okay?' You then insert him into your asshole.

I know it can be a hard thing to time but if possible could you fart on him whilst preparing to insert him into your asshole? Then you could say something like, 'Oops, my buttholes so eager to get to play with it's new toy. Just think of it as my ass' way of saying hello.'

Note: This video is fucking HOT - you're going to love how much action it includes! The shots are incredibly detailed and my acting is right on with the script above! I poured my heart into this production to wrap up the year, and you can really tell in every aspect of this video from start to finish. This is one of the best videos I've produced in 2018! Must have!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
32:15 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
micro, shrunken man, close up, pov, nipples, pussy, big lips, masturbation, insertion, asshole, soles, feet, smells, arm pit, spit, palm, hands, morning breath, foot fetish, toe nails, toes, big boobs, tits, bra, bed, bedroom, morning, scavaging, discover


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    This video will make you pray for mercy if you ever get caught by Katelyn!

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