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SFX - Your Only Chance to Impress Me

You're always trying to get with me and my answer is always the same- no. I might have a use for you though... my feet are always so dirty from wearing sandals... want to be my good little foot boy? Of course you do! Come on over and don't get a speeding ticket on the way.

You arrive and Katelyn greets you with "Come on in and get under my feet".

This is your one and only chance to impress me. Katelyn points at her foot. Lick! Use the top, sides, and bottom of your tongue. Show me what you got! Do laps around my foot with your mouth. Mmmhh, yeah! French kiss my bare sole!

You've always dreamed of getting skin to skin contact with Katelyn. This is a dream come true!

Get the other foot! Ohh yeah, that feels gooood! Use your teeth a little too! Nibble my foot a little bit! Kiss! Get under those toes and in between them!

Katelyn instructs you, but you're not getting the crevices of her soles well enough, so she shrinks you.

Gaze upon my soles which are now towering above you in an entirely new way. This is your reality. No you didn't pass out from the incredible amount of happiness you were feeling. I shrank you down and now this is your life. I am your GOD!

Katelyn's glorious soles tower above you as you study every crevice and curve. You wonder if she's going to squish you flat... only time will tell.

I know they look incredibly massive now. That's why I shrank you! Study them so you can see where the dirt goes; what areas need more of your focus and foot licking.

You're scared Katelyn might crush you under her foot. You had no chance with her at your full size, after all. The only reason you're close to her now is because you've become her slave. Why wouldn't she go ahead and crush you like a bug if she's not 100% happy with your what you're capable of?

... Enough study time. You're going to spend the rest of the day in my dirty sock while you learn how to be just the perfect little foot slave. You really have to be careful in there, so hurry up and get in between my toes and let's see how you do.

You feel so lucky that you're getting any kind of attention and contact. But... the second she stands up, it seems like your fear of getting crushed may soon become a reality. Is she purposely stomping as she walks to crush you... to test you... does it just seem that violent because you're a shrunken man in her sock... do you have the strength it takes to grab onto her toes to keep yourself from falling under her foot? FUCK! You shouldn't have come up with so many lame excuses for not going to the gym!

We made it to my room or did we? ~~ STOMP ~~ TWIST ~~ MOAN ~~ Oh no! Was I too rough with you? Let's see!

Katelyn gets incredibly turned on and furiously masturbates to the blood mark left on her sock from crushing you. Meanwhile, you get to enjoy a third person view of your crushed remains on the ball of her foot. She was just a little too rough with you... wouldn't you say? ;D

Three Fx Scenes (in order):
- On table close up to bare heel
- Handheld on open palm
- Crushed remains on bare sole

This project required 10x the production time and $500 in expenses to an FX freelancer. I know you want more FX from me, but I cannot personally afford the time they require vs my regular videos that allow me to pay bills and continue productions. The freelance FX look good, but there are two minor mistakes. You might not even notice them so I won't point them out. The appearance of the FX still live up to my standard overall or else I wouldn't release this video.

I'm unsure how to price it so feel free to leave a comment if you feel $5 extra for an FX video isn't fair ooorrrr if you think it's worth it. (A 16:29 minute video would generally cost 16.99, + $5 = 21.99) The price difference helps pay for the extra time and expenses a big production like this needs. Either way, feedback on any videos in general is appreciated. If you don't see your comment below right away then that just means it needs to be approved. I'll be watching for comments all of December, so it should take less than 48 hours for your comment to be approved since I take weekends off.

I'd also like to say that you can look forward to more fx to come in 2019! I'm going to continue my search for FX freelancers in the new year. Each sale this video gets will further influence me to do so sooner rather than later. Thank you to anyone who purchases. Your support is fully appreciated! ;)


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
16:29 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
fx, shrunken man, pov, in sock, crush, close up, masturbation, gore, macro, foot fetish, handheld, on hand, friend, dream come true, jean shorts, hair twirling, foot flexing, toe scrunching, orange toe nails, pedicure, flower nail art, livingroom, sitting


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  1. Cody's Avatar
    I love the ending which was really hot... actually the entire video was hot! SFX was really good and thank you for putting the time and money into this video Katelyn! A few extra dollars for these SFX video's is and always will be worth paying ../../../wp-content/themes/giantess/images/smilies/wink.png
  2. Dre's Avatar
    I am a big fan of your SFX videos. I am pleased to hear that you are planning to make more of them in 2019. Your SFX videos are the best in the business and I have been a fan of them since you first started producing them. The crush scene in "Big Sister" is still one of my all time favorites and always gets me where I need to be at the end. Keep producing these amazing videos. Keep being my favorite Giantess, and Keep Keeping Giantess sexy and making fantasies come true on film.

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