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Surrogate Fetish Roleplay Package

A surrogate pregnancy fetish roleplay package including 3 videos, 21 pictures, and bonus content!

Video 1, 1:40
I'm feeling especially gassy after talking about it. Don't my burps sound different now that I'm pregnant? They have much more bass, length, and depth to them. It feels really good to release the built up pressure, then I have room for more food. Jeez, my belly looks so big! Wow, I'm really starting to show! Note: the audio is slightly noisy in this clip, you can't hear me very well. (A webcam was used)

Video 2, 3:38
I love your enthusiasm about my belly, so I show it to you from various angles- bent over pov from behind, laying on my side pov from between my legs, sitting pov from my panties, and self handheld straight on and slightly from the side. I absolutely love being a surrogate mother! Note: the audio is very low in this clip, you can't hear me very well. (A webcam was used)

Video 3, 5:04
My half sister's baby has become very active after eating. I can feel the kicking like crazy! I put the camera at my belly so you can see it move around. Enjoy my reactions while I rub and touch belly in anticipation of more kicks, and also listen to what I have in mind for the rest of the day being pregnant! Note: the audio is low in this clip, you can't hear me very well. (A webcam was used)

21 photos, cell phone quality. Most are of my belly. Three have quotes.

+ 1 bonus video. I hold the camera at my belly while I walk. 19 seconds.
+ 11 bonus preggy roleplay pictures taken quite a while ago when I had bangs.

Note: My belly looks convincing, but I'm not pregnant and I haven't gained weight. I made my belly big and round by getting super bloated and pushing it out as faaaarrrrr as I could.

Everything is packaged up in a .zip folder. Videos will not play from within the .zip folder. Drag the contents out of the .zip folder to view. .gif only reveals screenshots from the three videos.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
10:23 minutes
21 HQ Photos
.zip, 1920x1080
belly, surrogate, surrogacy, pregnant, preggy, bloated, stomach, burp, burping, panties

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