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Fatal Ass Worship Session with Mistress Kawaii

"So, you can shrink yourself down?" Mistress Kawaii asks, smiling as she imagines how easy it will be to dominate you as a shrunken slave. She knows you're obsessed with her big, massive booty and that you dream about shrinking yourself and getting lost between her warm cheeks. You know it will be dangerous, but you don't care. You do want to take your time though so you start by shrinking a little over 2 feet tall. At this height Mistress Kawaii's incredible butt is just above your face. "Now get in there!" Kawaii points to her ass, which is now as big as your whole body! Without hesitation you shove your face against those big, round, soft cheeks, smothering over and around yourself as you worship.

"Your face is already getting so red, but its going to get even more red!" The more you worship her ass the more eager you are to be dominated or even destroyed by it! Mistress Kawaii can see the effect her ass is having on you and uses that to her advantage, encouraging you to fully submit and force yourself deeper and deeper into her massive ass. Her words excite you and it isn't long before you shrink yourself down farther, to the size of a doll. At your new height Kawaii's ass and thighs dwarf you, forcing you to climb up the backs of her thighs and crawl towards the big, jiggly booty. Once you get there you quickly shove your face as far as you can between her pillowy cheeks.

"You are going to just be enveloped by this ass, now come on!" Her hand, now as big as your body, reaches back and pushes you roughly farther into her ass. The more excited you get, the more Kawaii encourages you to slip further and further into your fantasy (and deeper and deeper between into her ass)! "I want you to shrink yourself down so small, as small as you can, so I can feel your whole entire body in my ass cheeks!" Your excitement gets the best of you and quickly you comply, shrinking yourself to less than an inch tall. Immediately you find yourself wedged between her cheeks, pinned deep in her ass crack! She can feel your little movements, your struggles to move deeper and deeper into her and tiny tongue working to worship every inch of your new home.

She loves the power she has over you and she wants you to remain her perfect little slave for the rest of your life! As Kawaii begins to enjoy the sensation of feeling you squirming in her ass crack she starts to wiggle and bounce her cheeks up and down, enjoying the way it feels as they smash into your body. At this point you start to get concerned, at your minuscule height each of Kawaii's cheeks (although soft) has the weight of a small building. You quickly begin to feel battered and bruised by your Goddess's ass, but she hardly notices and nothing she does will make you want to leave. This is your new home and its where you want to spend the rest of your life!

Will her soft cheeks keep you safe and secure or squash you like a bug? Would Kawaii even notice if you get crushed? How long can a tiny slave actually survive in the giant ass of a Goddess like Kawaii? You can tell by Kawaii's laughter and the relentless pounding you're taking from her bouncing cheeks that you're going to find out!

Features multicam editing, shrinking in stages, pov, third person pov, a doll with an erection (you), pervert dialogue tease, and ass worship instruction and encouragement!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
19:28 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
pervert dialogue tease, ass worship, weak for ass, bouncing in ass, ass crush, shrunken in ass, slave, goddess, shrinking, session, big butt, pov, doll sized, shrunken man, third person view, body stocking, fishnets, black hair, juice, massive, round, ass

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