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Tanning Turned into Crushing 360 VR

Giantess Katelyn rubs in tanning lotion all over her sexy body whilst unaware of your voyeurism for the first four minutes. You are only a mere bug standing beside a table leg, after all, but she asks what you're doing because she eventually notices how you're longingly staring at her. "I know you can't talk to me so let me guess... you want nothing more than to become closer to this Giant Woman towering above you even if it takes your life away. Haha! Even if you might get squashed underneath some part of my enormous body in comparison to you."

How would have she ever guessed?! Well, she really enjoys squishing little creatures underneath of her feet, it's a fetish of hers. She sees how enamored you are... "Beg to be squished" she exclaims, not jokingly.... but as she very sexily wiggles her bare tits, tongue, ass, and soles towering before you! You'd love nothing more than to sacrifice yourself for her pleasure and she's in the mood for some barefoot crush. Needless to say, after some good foot tease with walking, stomping, wiggling, raising and lowering of the feet, pussy rubbing, hot crush dialogue, and your life comes to and end as she slowly presses you underneath her toes... tapping you flat beneath them.

It doesn't end there, though. Nope! Crushing you only got her in the mood to crush more little lives out beneath her meaty feet. Big ones though, like you! She walks around her patio, garden, and porch to hunt for more big ones like you to crush before finally going back inside to go get ready for her date tonight.

Note: there's no ant/bug crush in this video, it's all pov and you are simply called a bug. The pov (vr camera) is beside a trail of ants in two of the shots.

Enjoy the low cost (compared per minute) since I price my videos in accordance to production cost / time / explicit nature. This has mild nudity with masturbation tease in a thong bikini, tit rubbing, and audio effects have been applied to enhance the size difference experience. No color correction / grade has been done and it was a quick and easy improv scenario for me. Enjoy!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
26:22 minutes
2880x1440 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
vr, virtual reality, pov, crush, soles, wanting, obedient, feet, tits, thong, bikini, booty, tits, lotion, dirty, outside, sunny, barefoot, foot fetish, rubbing, masturbation, pussy rubbing, boobs, nipples, popping out, through panties, squirt, ass slappi


3 Reviews and Counting...

  1. Rafael's Avatar
    You allowed me to fulfill my dream, to be transformed into an ant and to be close to your feet. Thank you so much for your wonderful work. (Google Translate) See Ya !
  2. bubbles's Avatar
    I just want you to do more bug vore and torture them with your pretty nails!
  3. Chris's Avatar
    Katelyn does an amazing job! really makes me feel tiny and lots of amazing views of her feet as the tower above! And there is just something so sexy about the way she says tiny... gets me all the time.

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