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Seduced and Eaten by Half Sis

I just ate all that stew dad made, but I'm still hungry. Your sister moans aloud as she grabs a large plastic container of nuts from the pantry Bro... do you know what a fetish is? It's a sexual attraction to, well, in your case it would be watching a girl getting bloated from over-eating... all because of me. Let's see. Does it turn you on when you see me eat? Your sister chews nuts up close to your point of view and shows you chewed up food and her big bloated belly.

I'm so fucking bloated! Look! Just look at my belly! You can feel your erection growing, especially when her underboob pops out from the bottom of her bralette Since you're my brother I guess I'll tell you that my obsession with eating goes ever further than food. What I truly desire is actually... shrinking people down to the size of one of these nuts and chewing them to bits and pieces. Katelyn opens her mouth and lets the mix of chewed up nuts and saliva drip from her tongue for a few seconds

The only reason in the world I'm telling you is because I want to explore this fantasy with you, brother. I've found a way to shrink people, so, can I shrink you and eat you? Katelyn says to you, eye to eye, with a serious tone, while extending her messy tongue in front of your face. Right now I'm really in the mood for it. If you wanna do a little sexual exploration with your half sister, why don't we go ahead with it? (5:50 in...)

Buy now to find out how this plays out! (Only if you want to see my half brother getting seduced and eaten from his pov! ~_^)


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
16:07 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
pov, seduction, sister, brother, eating, vore, nuts, under boob, bloated, belly, fetish, exploration, chewing, mouth, tongue, wet, dripping, saliva, short shorts, siblings, sis, bro, long hair, stomach, flash, over eating, kitchen, walking, belly button,


One Review and Counting...

  1. Kathar's Avatar
    First to get my mini complaint/rant out of the way; descriptions need to give more detail or at least not allude to different things happening involving the fetish. I don't hate soft vore by any means but this gave me the impression the brother would be chewed up and he wasn't. I'd think hard vore is less popular so why would you hurt sales and not clarify that? Madness I tells ya'! She even says she wants to chew up little men at the start so I guess the description isn't totally innacurate, so like, was it forgotten about half-way through? Who knows! But yeah, did still enjoy it overall. Incest mixing with vore is like my dream scenario but thus far I've been left feeling a little burned at every vid I've purchased that've tried to combine the two. It's like the incest part of it is more of a script note in the sidelines rather than in anyway part of the plot. This vid also doesn't go into the taboo nature that is the allure for those with the fetish but it does do the dirty talk better than any I've seen. It's that slim-pickings. But based on that alone I can recommend it. Lines where she refers to herself as your sister really hit the mark, the mouth teasing and showing off her curves were good. Swallow was a little sudden and the dirty talk to me should be building up to that point not dropping off...oh and talking of dropping, Katelyn so clumsy, drops the nuts at one point, not sure I'd make it to being eaten as a tiny, probable cause of death is her butter-fingers. Belly scene at the end was okay, more of a relaxed masturbation then sleep off a big meal theme than the teasing digestion one I go for and it was left to be more ambiguous as to whether it was fatal or not. I hoped for fatal, y'know, 'cause the chewing so it was a slight disappointment personally to an otherwise sexy vid. Might not come off that way but I am actually trying to say this is one of the better incest and vore clips out there, I'm just one of those types that reviews only when he has something to nitpick about in the hopes of further improvement in the future.

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