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First Time Masturbating with Ants

I'm really really horny and sexually frustrated. I haven't masturbated for a few days thinking maybe I indulge too much in my fetishes and that's why I don't cum when my boyfriend and I have sex? Not relieving myself is becoming too frustrating though, at this point I'm too horny and I need to cum.

I'm expecting company, but here I am outside talking to the camera and rubbing my pussy because I want to masturbate with some ants RIGHT NOW. I don't give a fuck! I know, it's so bad, but I don't care anymore. I need to fucking cum and these ants are the closest thing I can get to shrunken people. I wonder what they're going to feel like on my pussy? I've never masturbated with ants before!

~~ Buy now to watch me masturbate with ants for the first time ever! (From 2:50 to 4:50... they crawled all over my body!!!) Most of them get crushed under my ass when I sit in them... and some get eaten... sadly they were too small and active for me to feel them on my pussy, but whewwwww what a mental stimulation that gave me!! P.s. this is a candid video, I may or may not of had a few shots before filming! >.<


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
11:59 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
pov, ants, pussy, masturbation, vore, ass crush, horny, cleavage, belly, bugs, shorts


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  1. Hordeham's Avatar
    Great stuff! would love to see a video where you just go outside and step on ants barefoot or step on them wile using a vibrator would probably suit you better. As its more of a mental stimulation as you mentioned in this video i think stepping on lots of ants and feeling them under your feet wile you masturbate would be perfect for you!
  2. Chris's Avatar
    This is what I use to remember Katlyn for. I know the GTS community is awesome and probable more lucrative and less taboo so to speak.. But please I would love LOVE! to see more crush and vore bug videos! and with the crush community going into a dry spell this may be good! as there are a lot of us looking for more new things. and with your camera work and quality! i must admit its a rare gift to see! Thank you very much! for not forgetting about us

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