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Binge Eating Daughter Eats Ants... and You!

You glare into the pantry at your daughter as she uncontrollably binge eats. When she turns around and sees your cold hearted disapproval, lack of support, and withdraw of love, she humiliates you for being a shitty father. You really had it coming though!

She also shrinks you... for the first time ever. You thought only her mother could shrink people, as you've never seen your daughter do it so you never brought it up. Now you're absolutely terrified for your life as you should be.

Sick of having a shitty father like you, your daughter clenches you in her fist beside her big bloated binge eater belly and firmly tells you that's where you're going. But first... before she swallows you whole... she's reclines herself on the couch outside with you pinned against her stomach as she lectures you some more about your bad parenting. She's also going to show you something she does out there. What could it be? Will she really eat you?

To your shocking surprise, your daughter places you on the ground in a flow of hardworking ants and when she lowers herself down she licks a dozen of them off the ground in pure bliss. You see the ants spread out in horror as she crouches over them and gets more comfortable by taking off her hoody, spitting onto them, and licking more up in her spit. You look up and see her swollen binge-eater belly and massive underboobs as you're told you're getting closer to joining the food and ants in her belly.

She eats more and more ants as her tits fully bust out from her top exposing her nipples and she grabs you up from the ground to rub you against her stomach and mouth. But, there's more. Before eating you she pulls her pants down to reveal her big ass and asshole. She's seen you looking at her ass around the house so she counts down from 20 seconds to let you cum to her ass.

Now you find yourself on her stomach as she talks about how she thought of one thing that might help her binge eating disorder........ becoming pregnant. She would rather eat you at this moment than fuck you, but she will fuck the next man she shrinks down before eating him like a praying mantis for her and her baby's nutrition. And with that very thought, she mocks you for screaming -you're the size of a fucking bug, no one can hear you- and into her mouth you go. She savors you for a good 20 seconds and gulps you down with a moan.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
27:32 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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