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HISTK Roleplay for Your Birthday 360 VR

The magic wand worked! It shrank you down! Now look how incredibly tiny you are! This is perfect - the best birthday you could imagine possible! You get to live out being an itty bitty, cheerio sized boyfriend for your girlfriend to enjoy unaware in her Cheerios! Shall we get started, hunny?

The magic wand worked, however we don't know if you'll be able to survive getting swallowed alive. I'll be ignoring you throughout your HISTK fantasy so try your best to survive the bowl of cereal as I scoop up around you and enjoy every single spoonful of love. ~~ Oohhh ~~ Mmmmhh ~~ If I do swallow you by accident, I really hope you survive so we can explore more size fetish fantasies -- they're so hot! (Katelyn accidentally knocks over the box of Cheerios which spill all over the table)

Before we go unaware, I want to tease you a bit. This could be your last day alive! (Katelyn eats dry Cheerios, feels you against the surface of her big wet tongue, presses you between her tits... all with hot dialogue throughout) Haha if I wanted to I could make you my own personal slave because you're helplessly tiny until I return you back to normal size! Aawh you look a little scared... well, maybe that's a part of the fantasy huh? I'll just keep going with it. Get ready for a milk-fall! (Katelyn pours milk down between her tits and you swim in an ocean of milk and Cheerios as she teases you with unaware foreplay!)

You're just going to have to deal with whatever happens after this because now we're going unaware WITHOUT A SAFE WORD! >:D (Starting at 10:20)

Buy now to find out your hot, hot, hot, hot, HHOOTT FFAATTEE!! Super high quality visuals & audio! **This video gets my "Oh fuck I came!" seal of approval!!

Part Two: Using My Shrunken Boyfriend as a Living Dildo 360 VR


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
27:12 minutes
1920x960 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
Includes Mobile Streaming!
360 vr, virtual reality, histk, roleplay, cheerios, vore, pov, girlfriend, cleavage, belly, close up, eating, boyfriend, birthday, tease, unaware, cereal, bowl, spoon, horny, masturbation, messy, licking, lick, tits, boobs, pussy, pretend, bra, poppin

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