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First Session with a Giantess

First time sessioning with a Giantess? You're in luck because I have the Giantess fetish and I'm into everything you are; turning on a guy with my ass, my tits, my mouth, my saliva... I'm going to indulge you in everything and let you cum on my nice long tongue or any of my sexy curves while you're a shrunken man. Better watch out though because if we have too much of a good time then I just might want to keep you. That is, if you want it too of course!

Ohh yeah, now that you've enjoyed being a bit smothered by my ass, it's time for some tit action! Ohh, yeah, ohh! This could be the way you orgasm every day. Underneath of my massive body in comparison, just rubbing all over your body, your most sensual parts pressed against mine, forcing you to cum. Ohh. You would love every second of it, even when it might hurt for a second. Especially when I bring my mouth down ontop of you after some good ass and titty tease.

My body would be like a sexual playground for you. Your life would be porn heaven. Now enjoy one of my personal favorites - my tongue caressing your body all over. A full body massage with my mouth kissing, sucking, licking your skin with special attention to your cock until I taste that salty cum mixed in with my silky wet saliva! (3.5 min of plush moist lips and wet tongue all over your body)

Haha! Now you're mine to keep! Don't worry, you'll last quite a while because thanks to my special way of shrinking people they turn out quite durable for my sexual games and pleasures! You're going to be my little secret for as long as you last.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
13:37 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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