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Enjoy Bouncing in My Big Tits before I Swallow You

Go ahead and enjoy my big tits one last time before I send you down to my belly to serve my muscles to make me strong and beautiful. I know we met through my cam shows and since then I picked up my interest again into working and training regularly which means now I'm on a special diet that's actually filled with shrunken men as my protein. That's kinda why I started camming to begin with because they're so easy to get- all I need to do is offer them some oomph, mmmhmmhmmh, then I own them, shrink them down, keep them as sex toys, swallow them, crush them, do whatever I want. (includes hot tit bouncing!)

At least your life was very enjoyable being my shrunken man, but now you're just going to be a pre-workout protein snack perfectly lean, low in calories, high in protein, exactly what I want to put inside my body. One last little tit tease and then I'm going to swallow you! Ohhh yeah, yeahhh, cum in my cleavage if you can, because if you can't then you're probably going to be having your last orgasm as you slide down my esophagus and into my belly. Oh yes! Fuck yeah!

You always said you dreamed of getting deep throat blowjob. Your cock pressed against my big lips, sliding deep inside my mouth, fucking my throat until that full load explodes out in pleasure and inside my body. Ohh. (Katelyn licks and sucks on your body) Now I need to get to the gym with my busy schedule. This is about serving me now, so down you go!

I can feel you inside of my belly! Going down, down, from inside. You got that one last orgasm too because you're nice and salty, just how I hoped. Such a perfect pre-workout protein snack! Fuck! Now I just want to cum, but I'll follow through with my workout before coming back and then getting on cam! And that's the end of your life, you're not squirming around enough for me to feel you anymore. If you are still alive then you're very weak and fragile. Now you're going to become food and energy for my body to use for my workout! (underfoot shot with partial belly view)


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
8:57 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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