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Your Friends are Mommys now

This is an amazing Dani marathon of a video. Your mom Dani has shrunk you and your friends who she's grown rather tired of. You're stored in her panties as she plays a cruel game of hide and seek, playing with the tiny boys like a cat with her prey as she prowls and kills your friends, all while you're trapped in her panties feeling her pussy getting wetter and wetter. Finally your released from your prison, only to see her stuff one of your friends in her pussy, as she then smothers and rubs her clit on top of you while talking down at you to teach you a lesson. Your friend is going to be drowned to death inside her, all while your struggle against her cum drenched clit. Your mom is shocked to discover that rather than being instilled with terror, you actually seem to be getting off to watching your giant mom kill and fuck her way through your friends lives. Your mom sternly tells you off, you're a lost cause, there's no hope for you. She brought you into this world and she can take you out of it. All you can do is scream as your mom opens her mouth and tells you it's time to go back inside mommy where you belong.

*I can't overstate just how hot this video is. If you're a Dani fan it really is a must-buy. Due to (a now resolved) export issue, there are a couple of very minor visual glitches in this 40 minute epic. If you do notice them, they're unlikely to impact on your enjoyment of this video. However that said, I'm releasing this 40 minute video at a much reduced price as a result. I hope you enjoy the video as much as I have.


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
41:29 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
blonde, vore, tits, pussy, fingering, shrunken people, shrunken man, nipples, tongue, open mouth, long video, fetish video, Dani, GiantessProductions

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