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Swallowing and Digesting Your Cum

Your dick is so hard that I can see the veins begging for stimulation while show you the lingerie I teased you about at work today. When you were kissing my sexy belly last night it gave me a really kinky fantasy that I'd like to tell you about! I have to warn you though, it's really kinky alright? ;) It turns me on when I think about DIGESTING YOUR CUM! All of the micro sperms swimming around in my belly... (Katelyn teases you with her sexy lingerie and goes down on you in a 69 position with her ass in your face)

I want to swallow and digest all of your cum! Oh yes, lick around the rim of my asshole while I suck to swallow all of your spermies! You could cum from my dialogue alone, that's how much you're into this fantasy with me, but it doesn't end there hunny. I have a big surprise for you after you cum, yeah, and you're going to love it... I'm going to make you love it! (VERY HOT DILDO BLOWJOB SCENE!!! Katelyn goes on about wanting to digest your spermies and starts letting a little bit of dominant dialogue slip out while her mouth is all over your cock)

Give it all to me baby! Yes! YES! With how hot this fantasy is in my head right now, I can feel all of the micro spermies swimming around in my belly! They're looking for an egg to impregnate, but they're actually swimming into a big humid hell of stomach bile instead... just like you're going to be burning inside of my stomach acids!

And just like that with a deep dark gaze into your soul I shrank you. To think the entire time we've known eachother, all I've ever wanted to get out of you is to shrink you and have you as a shrunken man inside of my stomach to get digested by me. I knew some day I'd get exactly what I wanted and it was well worth the wait. Mmmh! Everytime you thought you were getting closer I just thought that's how much closer I am to living out my ultimate fantasy with him someday... I bet you never thought I could actually shrink people. Today was the big reveal. Now instead of being the voyeur, you're going to be the victim.

Now it's actually happening to you and it's a little scarry, isn't it? This is now your reality. You're going to get swallowed. You're going into this big mouth you've cum to so many times and guess what? You're also going to be coming out of this ass that you've cum to so many times in my videos. Now you're going to go through the process that everyone else has in all of the videos you've seen. Mmmhh, ahhh, mmmmm!

This isn't just another dream you've had of me. This is real life as you know it. You're not going to wake up from this. You can close your eyes and pretend and wish that you're dreaming, but you're not. As many times as you close your eyes and open them again, when your eyelids open and you wish you were dreaming it's just going to be a dark humid hell inside of my stomach as my acids burn through your fucking skin down to your bones. Then your skelleton will go through my digestive track and out this ass that you love so much. (Katelyn picks you up and puts you on her lip, all POV)

Dangling onto my upper lip for dear life is the exact place you've belonged the entire time we've known eachother. I could so easily knock you off my lip, but go ahead and latch on for dear life, I like the tease! You never thought it'd end like this between us. Accept your fate. Let go. I want to feel you inside of my stomach with all of your spermies! Just enjoy it while it lasts. Who knows how long you'll be alive inside of my body, splashing around, going through my intestines, getting digested, everything you've always fantasized about is now your reality and there's nothing you can do about it. I want you in me, ahh, ohh, yeeahh!! Give yourself to me! I'm going to swallow you now! (Katelyn swallows you, endoscope style)

We then see a third person pov shot of Katelyn talking to her sexy stomach, gyrating her hips (pussy slips!), and moaning. "There's no escape, you're getting fucking digested! Oh, you're going to play dead? I know shrunken people last longer than that! *gulp* How's that? Tried to make it easier for yourself, but only made it harder for yourself! Oh yeah, now I feel you kicking again, trying to climb out of my body. Playing dead again? *Gulp* Ohhh there you go! Haha trying to get one more off again? Yeah there you go, go, go, go, yeah cum one more time! ... ... and just like that I don't think you were able to get one last orgasm inside of my stomach. I don't feel you any more and you've filled my appetite so I'll skip dinner and finish the night off with a nice big slice of moist chocolate cake with a cherry on top! *burp* That was the last of you."


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
34:51 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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