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A Surprisingly Romantic Encounter

Billy-- I can't believe you did that! You cancelled your blind lunch date just to come over and help me? We've been getting you ready for weeks... I wouldn't have called if I had known it was today! Well, what can I say? Thanks Billy, I really appreciate it. Let's get started then!

I haven't been able to divulge what I've been working on because it's secret project that has yet to go public. So, you need to keep everything you see and experience today a secret, ok? Follow my fingers and get ready for a surprise!

Within this miniature house resides... a real shrunken man! Yes! A shrunken man! How did he get so tiny?

I've been developing an overhead shrink-ray for a big upcoming amusement park and he was my first volunteer to test it. Take a good close look him in the palm of my hand. He's so small that you can barely see him- my pretty hand is so massive compared to him!

Now I must tell you..... he got stuck at this size. However! He's been very happy being my beloved "pet" and I'll happily be his lifetime caretaker if need be- just look at how cute he is in the palm of my hand! How would you feel about being this small?

OH, in case you're wondering, every test after him has been succesfull. My machine is now completely safe to use and that's how you can help assist me today. I'd like to use it on one more person before tomorrow when all of this might go public!

So what do you say? OH! I can see how much you're blushing! Alright then, yes yes yes it is? :D I'll go ahead and set the overhead shrink ray. Just so you know what to expect, you'll feel like you're falling and then everything will look huge-- especially me! Ready? 3... 2... 1.. !!!

(Awesome shrink ray effect with sound effect at 9:36!)

Ok hunny, open your eyes! Let me reassure you, even though my high heel booties are looming over you, you're completely safe! (Katelyn shows her Billy booties from all sides, emphasizing how small he is in comparison) Here... would it make you feel better if I sit down and take them off?

Good thing my feet don't get smelly because all of your senses are magnified. Here-- I know how much you like my hands. That became very apparent when you got me these big shiny rings! Go ahead and admire them with your gaze while you get used to how differently your environment feels since you're shrunken! (Katelyn traces her fingers on the carpet around shrunken Billy)

I don't know why, but I have this aching desire to put you in my cleavage! It'll be safe. If you fall out, you won't fall very far. (Katelyn places shrunken Billy deep withing her big busty cleavage and plays around a bit!) That's just soooo nice, isn't it? Ohhhh yeah! Let me open my blouse a little more, ohhh, mmmhhh!

Okay, I'm going to take a really close look at you... haha I heard that! "I'm in Katelyn's palm, it's the best day of my life" Haha well then... maybe I should just keep you around as my shrunken assistant. Would you like that? A rhetorical question. I know that you would love it. That you would be honored. You want to be my humble little servant? Slave? Shrunken pet? Do you want to be... owned by me?

I'd like to own another shrunken man and you could be him, Billy! We could be together forever. You could spend a lot of time in the palm of my hand because I love holding cool guys like you in the palm of my hand. Ohhh yeah, mmmhh. You can feel the love I have for shrunken people just radiating off me.

I just want to keep you forever! Will you be my pet? Can I keep you? Yes! Okay!

Go ahead and explore my palm some more and come get some kisses. Hehe! You missed your blind date... but everything worked out for you after all, didn't it? ;D Go ahead and spend some time in my cleavage while I make us a nice lunch to celebrate. While you're in there, don't be shy-- if you want to cum while you're in my bra then go for it! (Ends with hearing my heartbeat while pressed against my chest between my tits! There's also a subtle giantess voice sound effect during your pov)


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
25:17 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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