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Bonding with your Burping Therapist

Before we begin our therapy session, if you don't mind just hang out for minutes? I guess I have indigestion from lunch and my stomach is kinda cramping *burp* excuse me. I mean, if you want you can wait in the lobby... or you can also stay put right there and um, listen to me burp I guess? I mean, during our last session I was talking about how I want to become a little more personal with you. I think a lot of therapists keep that professional wall between themselves and their patients *burp*, but I think that it's important to bond with my patients and *burp* what better way to break the ice into getting more personal with you than to do something that usually only family does around each other? *burp*

I'm just going to give it a few more minutes before we get serious and start talking about what's been going on the last week that way I can fully focus on you. Oh, where did my notebook get off to? (Katelyn comes closer to you and burps, showing you her how her stomach contracts, and also giving you a good close up view of her sexy cleavage) Burping in front of you is really helping me become more comfortable and feel more personal with you. You know what? What do you say we grab dinner after this? You are my last session of the day, so let me go send my secretary home and get my notebook, and when I come back we can do the session and top it off with going out to dinner!


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Producer: Katelyn Brooks
4:48 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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