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SFX 360 VR Shrunken Science Experiment Gone Wrong: Cumming to Swallowing My Husband

Are you absolutely sure you want to try out the survivability serum? It worked on the bugs, I mean those that were able to make their way back up through my stomach, esophagus, and out of my mouth, but we're not entirely sure how that's going to work on you. If you really want to proceed through the peril of testing it on yourself, then all it takes is one drop of serum all over your shrunken size.... rub it in really well!

What was that? ~~moan~~ I like the way you think. One last orgasm together, just incase you don't survive. Yeah. Just think about how many times you've bent me over on this table fucking me. Remember how carried away we got... that one time we accidentally crushed a house and everyone inside. That's what inspired us to make the survivability serum to begin with! And now if it works on you like it does on bugs, then we'll be billionares. We'll be set for life!

Hopefully, just hopefully, this won't be our last time together. (Katelyn puts you inside of her panties)

Fuck me fuck me! Yeah! Even though you're so small you feel so good. Everything you do down there is so orgasmic! Yeah! I've been so horny all day- my pussy is so wet, warm, pulsating, begging for the ultimate climax! Oh yeah!

Oh look- I think some of our shrunken people want a closer view of the action. (Katelyn puts an entire shrunken house in her panties - two people on the pourch have a super close view of the hot action!) Ohhh yeah, ohhh, getting closer and closer and closer.... fuckkk yeah!! (Katelyn humps you harder and harder until moaning out in a purly blissful orgasm)

Now that you're soaked in my cum you're going to slide down my throat that much smoother when I swallow you. Let's make you even silkier with more of my cum. (Katelyn rubs her cum strings all over your body) Now here's your last chance to say nooo, I don't want to go through with this, or yesss, let's go through with this...

Okay then... if you make it out alive then I just want to fuck all night long. (Katelyn opens her mouth and laps her tongue around your body while rubbing her clit) I'm going to masturbate again while you go down. OHhhh! (Katelyn opens her mouth and inserts you inside-- you see a pov of the room from within her mouth as she closes her big sexy lips and swallows you)

Oh noo, I can't feel you... are you ok? (Katelyn furiously masturbates) Kick, scream, give it your all baby! (Katelyn continues rubbing her pussy, bringing herself closer to having a second orgasm) OH fuck! I don't feel you moving around! Nooo, I'm so sorry this happened to you baby! (Katelyn has an explosive orgasm while you meet your demise to the horrifying sight and sounds inside of her stomach)

Features a 40 second inside-stomach shrunken man FX scene with horrifying sound FX of her pounding heartbeat and insides! The shrunken man meets his fate, leaving a trail as he slides down the insides of Katelyn's stomach and into a dark pool of steamy stomach acid. Video up-priced due to the additional $740 of making the FX scene possible.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
16:47 minutes
2880x1440 mp4
sfx, shruken man, internal, digestion, vr, pov, 360, masturbation, orgasm, sound fx, heartbeat, scientist, pussy, close up, in panties, serum, experiment, shrunken house, lab coat, couple, girlfriend, rich, lingerie, ass, butt, black bra, black panties, t

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