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SnapChat ID / Lifetime Friendship / Pic and Vid Bundle

Your one time purchase gets you 3 things!

1) My SnapChat ID and friended on SnapChat
2) A lifetime SnapChat friendship which gives you access to all of my future Snaps
3) A bundle of my previous snaps from Summer 2018 including 39 photos and 21 short video-snaps (totaling 2 minutes and 52 seconds, they vary from 02 - 25 seconds) in the .zip file in your download area here at GK! The videos include eating x7, bare feet and tits x1, barefoot ant crush x3, finger ant crush x2, horny tease x2, sexy mouth x4, and vore tease x2. The pictures vary from full clothed to full nude, selfies with sexy quotes and more!

What is SnapChat, you ask? SnapChat is a popular mobile app that has fun filters for pictures and videos which you can share to your story and/or privately with a select friend. The content I post varies from fetish, vanilla, personal life, behind the scenes, and more. When I snap you'll be able to see it for 24 hours. All content self destructs one day after I add it to "My Story". (That's how SnapChat is, and I add everything to "My Story") You can set up notifications in SnapChat so you don't miss one of my snaps. If you want to keep a picture to enjoy again later then you may take a screenshot on your device. (Press the volume down button and lock button at the same time or Google how to take a screenshot with your particular device) You can also purchase bundles which include some of my previous SnapChat content here.

My activity level varies. There's usually at least one snap a month, sometimes a lot more if I'm really feeling it and depending on what I'm up to, but since your one time purchase includes lifetime access there will be a lot of content to enjoy over that time!

* Get my SnapChat now before the price goes up! $29.99 is a STEAL for lifetime access! The price may go up to 39.99. *


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
.txt / .zip
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  1. Tom's Avatar
    Hi Katelyn, Do you come for services in houses? Your feet are so beautiful and I would like to touch your big soles

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