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Voring My Controlling Stepmother

Katelyn prances to the fridge and rolls her eyes in annoyance of her controlling stepmother's existence. "Are you going to make anything for dinner? I mean, you're such a great cook. It's really the only thing you have going for you. OOPS. Was I just rude to you again? How dare me! Here, let me tell you a funny story about this morning, okay?"

Katelyn explains how she couldn't find any of her thongs this morning, and that her boyfriend just got her those new thongs. She went to school pantiless instead of wearing a full back pair. Her step mother obviously didn't find that story funny and was the one who threw them away... "Since that story wasn't funny to you, I have something else to make up for it. See this? I got it at the Renaissance Faire I went to last weekend and it smells so incredibly good. It was crafted just for me. Take a deep breath in... AND FEEL THE EFFECTS!" (Katelyn's step mother starts hallucinating and then passes out when she shrinks)

"I used it this morning to shrink a classmate. You saw me swallow him when I came to the kitchen and now you're going to be next! I never developed trust or respect for YOU because you're fucking power hungry and you always have been. I could tell from the first day I met you." Katelyn briefly describes a scenario where her dad would have allowed her to get a pair of pajama's for Christmas, but instead her step mother made him buy them ice cream and ate it in front of Katelyn without offering any.

"Now I'm going to fucking swallow you and I'm going to enjoy every single fucking moment that I feel you stuggling inside of my body!" Her stepmother will be nothing more than one of those little tiny Hershy's chocolate kisses that were sprinkled on the icecream she enjoyed so much. (Katelyn drops her shrunken step mom on her tongue and becomes so aroused that she starts finger fucking her wet pussy)

"I could make myself cum to ending your life! What good is it to shrink you down and torture you if I don't enjoy it for a while?" (Katelyn moans while pushing her shrunken step mother deeper back into her mouth and swirling her finger around her skirt, hardcore finger fucking her pussy for moments at a time, before finally swallowing her step mother and nearly climaxing.

"You're so small that I didn't feel you go down, but now I can feel you moving around a little." Katelyn's even hungrier for dinner and goes off to find dads wallet to order something for dinner.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
15:21 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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