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Candid Ant Crush and Vore!

This isn't your typical scripted video. I don't give a shit about that right now, I just finished filming one of those. There's still smashed RC car pieces everywhere, see?! Now I want to tell you what I'm thinking...

Now I'm thinking about how I want to feel at least a few ants struggle and squish as I end their fucking lives underneath my feet. Even more so, I want to end a lot of their lives by eating them. ~moan~ My mouth is watering for an ant's arrival! Now I'm going to bring you outside with me and first I'm going to turn an ant into a fucking gooey mess onto my dirty sock.

Leaving the rest of the hot, juicy dialogue details as a surprise for your enjoyment. This video includes ant crush and ant vore!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
22:17 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
ant crush, ant vore, close up, pov, inside mouth, tongue, dirty socks, toes, bare feet


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  1. Rafael's Avatar
    I've been waiting for a video of these a long time. Itīs Wonderful !!!!!!

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